How Platforms Are Creating New Ad Formats: Spotify, Facebook, Innovid & true[X] Discuss

VIEQUES, PR — The IAB may have a list of standard ad formats, the hymnsheet that the online advertising industry sings from. But ad formats are changing every day. Publishers and platforms go on tinkering with offering new ad experiences in a never-ending quest to push the boundaries and increase consumer attention. But what happens when […]


Fox’s true[X] Reaps Awards For Interactive Ads

VIEQUES, PR — Two years after being acquired by Fox for $200mn, true[X], an ad-tech vendor helping advertisers to deliver non-intrusive interactive TV ads, has been awarded for its work. Work touched by true[X] received four wins at the Internet Advertising Competition awards. Awarded work included a commercial for Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad movie, one for auto […]