All-In On Programmatic, Philo’s Quest For TV Tags: Barker

In the new era of ad targeting, the context of contextual matters. That is to say, contextual targeting can succeed or fail depending on who is tagging the content. To get the most accuracy possible when making its shows available to buyers, US streaming TV service Philo is turning to what it sees as the […]


Philo’s McCollum Looks Forward To Dynamic, Friendly TV Ads

The little TV startup that began when a couple of college kids hacked together a satellite dish, tinfoil and a wireless transmitter is now dreaming of a world in which viewers are put in control. Philo was formed out of Tivli, after a pair of Harvard students devised a way to give viewers a better way […]


From Tin Foil To OTT: McCollum On Philo’s TV Dreams

Why do some of the best innovations emerge out of college campus hacks? Once upon a time, Mark Zuckerberg bestowed The Facebook on Harvard, soon joined by four other founders including another Vardian, Andrew McCollum. By the time Facebook was busy turning cashflow-positive, in 2009, two other Harvard students, Nicholas Krasney and Tuan Ho, were busy […]