Ad-Tech Is Complex & Over-Engineered: Wavemaker’s Korenfeld

There are “point solutions” – and then there are “what’s the point?” solutions? In ad-tech, many software vendors are risking ending up in the last category, as a dizzying array of function-specific tools risks confusing buyers. That is according to one agency boss communicating how technological complexity is actually working against buyers and their vendors. […]


MediaVest’s Korenfeld: Addressable TV Ads Need Scale Player

NAPA, CA – The promise of targeting individual TV viewers with ads just like advertisers can on the web is certainly appealing to many in the business. But, so far, it’s mostly just an idea, says MediaVest advertising and technology platforms SVP Oleg Korenfeld. “It’s not scaleable enough (today),” Korenfeld tells BeetTV in this video interview. We’re […]


Data Is Essential To Programmatic: MediaVest’s Korenfeld

Even if it isn’t quite “the new oil”, data is becoming more and more important to the new era of advertising targeting. “Data is absolutely the most essential foundation piece of programmatic,” MediaVest advertising technology and platforms SVP Oleg Korenfeld tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “You cannot efficiently and effectively buy media if you don’t […]