West Elm’s Chatelain On Digital Channels: Start Small, Gauge Results And Ramp Up Successes

Television can drive big awareness, but with digital media brands can take small steps with small budgets and “test and learn” their way to success. This, in essence, is the approach online and brick-and-mortar retailer West Elm has taken during nearly 30 consecutive months of profitability. West Elm has shied away from spending money on […]


Eyeview’s Harnevo, West Elm’s Chatelain Discuss Video Personalization, Retargeting At Beet.TV Summit

When West Elm first dipped its toes into video ad retargeting a few months ago, the furniture and housewares retailer set “a pretty solid benchmark” for measuring the outcome. “For us, video retargeting has been extremely powerful,” the company’s VP of Innovation, Luke Chatelain, said in a panel discussion at Beet.TV Leadership Summit titled Outcomes. […]


Beet.TV Summit March 9: Xaxis, BBDO, Eyeview, MediaMath And Others To Examine Performance Video

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – The year 2017 will see WPP’s Xaxis increasingly focus on performance outcomes for its clients’ video ad campaigns. “Every campaign that we will run will have a KPI that is considered very important to the advertiser that we will achieve,” says David J. Moore, who is President of WPP Digital and Chairman […]