Monumental Shift’s Davis: Focus On Revenue, Not ‘Measuring Lots Of Stuff’

Lots of data and great creative for ad campaigns are meaningless unless you can be sure they’re actually driving revenue. Because at the end of the day, “It’s what the C-suite cares about,” says author and keynote speaker Andrew Davis. Davis was among some three dozen advertising and media experts who gathered for the recent […]


Monumental Shift’s Davis: Forget The Funnel, Focus On Outcomes

Best-selling author Andrew Davis has great disdain for MFOMO (Marketer Fear of Missing Out), CMO Pizza and the “marketing funnel.” He believes that if brands concentrated more on outcomes and not market share, they could avoid all three of these pitfalls. It was Davis, of Monumental Shift, who kicked off the recent Beet.TV Leadership Summit […]


Beet.TV Summit March 9: Xaxis, BBDO, Eyeview, MediaMath And Others To Examine Performance Video

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – The year 2017 will see WPP’s Xaxis increasingly focus on performance outcomes for its clients’ video ad campaigns. “Every campaign that we will run will have a KPI that is considered very important to the advertiser that we will achieve,” says David J. Moore, who is President of WPP Digital and Chairman […]