Brand Safety Institute Joins Fight Against Digital Advertising Criminals

COLOGNE – The newly formed Brand Safety Institute and the Trustworthy Accountability Group are pushing the digital advertising industry to invest billions of dollars to fight criminal elements in the same way as the financial services industry has done. It’s a two-step process consisting of “a short game and a long game,” says Mike Zaneis, […]


TAG’s Zaneis Claims Certification Cuts Ad Fraud By 600%

PALM SPRINGS, Calif — Over the last year, the scourge of digital ad fraud has risen up to become one of the industry’s biggest bogeyman. But what if you could cut ad fraud by up to 600%? That’s what Mike Zaneis claims he can do, for companies that follow his organization’s recommendations. Zaneis heads up […]


Ad Industry Joins Forces With Federal Agencies To Combat Digital Crime

ORLANDO, Florida  – For the first time, the digital advertising industry—via the Trustworthy Accountability Group—has a formal partnership with federal law enforcement agencies to combat criminal activity, TAG President and CEO Mike Zaneis says in an interview with Beet.TV. Since its founding, TAG members have been sharing intelligence about bad actors in the digital advertising […]