Women Leaders Are Transforming Workplace Culture: Omnicom’s Megan Pagliuca

MIAMI – The United States is becoming more multicultural and diverse, pushing marketers to find ways to make their brands relevant to consumers such as younger people with growing spending power. Women have a key role in this transformation as businesses value their insights and leadership. “Leaders are looking to work with people that are […]


Partnership With Albertsons Comes as CTV and Retail Media Collide: Omnicom’s Megan Pagliuca

LAS VEGAS – Omnicom Media Group, the media planning and buying unit of Omnicom Group Inc., and Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm for grocery chain Albertsons Cos., announced a collaboration aimed at helping brands to target audiences and measure performance on connected television. Omnicom Media will be able to combine audience data from […]


All Retailers Have an Opportunity to Sell Ads: Omnicom Media’s Megan Pagliuca

More retailers are selling advertising space on their websites, giving brands a way to reach consumers when they’re most ready to shop. Merchants that have gathered customer data have a rich source of information that helps brands to figure out which consumers can be targeted for conversion, similar to how direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketers behave. “If […]


Omnicom Teams With Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Instacart on Retail Media

CANNES ̶ Omnicom Group announced collaborations with Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and Instacart as the agency seeks to help marketers with their advertising strategies in the growing field of retail media. “We are the first agency holding company that has a partnership with Walmart,” Megan Pagliuca, chief activation officer at Omnicom Media Group, said in this […]


How OMG’s Pagliuca Is Pushing CTV Industry To Grow Up

Connected TV promises to revolutionize the way that TV ads are bought, sold and consumed. Getting there is proving a little more difficult. Emarketer forecasts US CTV ad spend growing 50% in 2021 to $13.41 billion. But a leading media agency says more could be unlocked if the industry came together to iron out kinks. […]


How Data Trends Are Re-Shaping Ad Prices: Hearts & Science’s Pagliuca

SANTA BARBARA — Recent seismic shifts in digital advertising, instigated largely by privacy concerns, are having a profound impact on the economics of digital advertising – and more is on the way. That is according to one ad agency exec charged with data oversight. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hearts & Science chief data […]


Linear TV Loves Programmatic: Hearts & Science’s Pagliuca

The collection of modern, automated ad trading practices known as “programmatic” may seem to sit squarely with natively digital media and with on-demand video. But, little by little, other platforms are getting lit up with these new tricks, too – even good ‘ol linear TV. “On the linear side, (we) really have been focused on […]