Omnicom Media Group First To Test OpenAP’s New TV Ad Data

It originally launched with more modest ambitions, to harmonize the data segments TV networks use to describe their audiences. But now OpenAP has launched the latest new initiative in its ongoing maturation – a supply-side platform (SSP) to help the buying of linear TV ad inventory. The new platform, announced on Monday, has connective tissue […]


TV Measurement Is Key in 2021, Omnicom Media Group’s Matt Kramer

Matthew Kramer wants to sell brands on the power of connected TV – but the paucity of effective measurement is making it difficult, So the managing director or advanced advertising at Omnicom Media Group is making CTV measurement a focus for the year ahead. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kramer describes the problem – […]


Omnicom Media Group Embraces National Addressable TV Amid OTT Boom: Kramer

Until recently, the common understanding of connected TV services was that they were mostly popular with younger cord-cutters and the typical view of addressable TV ad targeting was that it worked mostly at the local level. But ad agencies are now enjoying recent developments which are widening both of those apertures – audience breadth and […]


Programmatic Video Grows, but Brand Education Still Vital, Omnicom’s Kramer

TV and online video are borrowing from each other’s playbooks, especially as it comes to data, says Matthew Kramer, Director of Television and Video Products at Accuen, the programmatic agency for Omnicom, in this video segment with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell. “You have your TV screen trying to look more like online video with more addressability […]