Next Step For Multi-ID Targeting Is Retail Media Networks: Tapad’s Connon

The wind-down of traditional digital ad identifiers like cookies has caused the ad targeting world to splinter. Mark Connon wants to put it back together. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the GM of ad-tech firm Tapad says the new wave of ad identifiers needs a translation layer. Experian taps Tapad Experian in November 2020 acquired Tapad, […]


Connected TV Drives Growth in Audience Identifiers, Tapad’s Mark Connon

Consumers are using a wider variety of connected devices to view content, challenging marketers to reach target audiences and measure the results of their advertising campaigns. Connected TV is adding another dimension to this environment, providing another source of data that marketers can harness to improve their targeting. For Tapad, which specializes in helping companies […]