The Importance Of Video Ad Measurement, By A+E’s Boykoff

FORT LAUDERDALE — Until now, effectively measuring digitally-bought video and TV ads has to discover true effectiveness has been a bit of a problem – but that’s set to change, according to US TV channel operator A+E Networks‘ digital analytics VP Lee Boykoff. “There was a mature measurement system in place for TV. As we moved into mobile […]


Popular TV Can Fend Off On-Demand Challenge Cable Execs Say

FORT LAUDERDALE — These days, it has become commonplace for broadcasters and advertisers to be fearful of the consumer shift from linear, live viewing to watching more time-shifted programming. Indeed, data from many countries shows on-demand viewing booming whilst old-style consumption wanes. But that’s not the full story. Broadcasters are finding some success in reeling out […]