Data Collaboration Takes Center Stage in the Privacy-First Era, InfoSum’s Wetzel

The deprecation of cookies, the rise of retail media networks and the ever-present spectre of privacy – while they may seem like separate trends, these industry topics are converging on one, over-arching theme – data collaboration. That is according to Lauren Wetzel, Chief Operating Officer of data collaboration platform InfoSum, who says her panel discussion […]


From Chaos To Clarity & Scale: InfoSum’s Wetzel Sees Brands Benefitting From Clean Rooms For TV Ads

LONDON, UK — Use of clean room software, allowing companies to combine customer data sets without privacy implications, isn’t exclusive to the US. UK media owners and brands have also been adopting the approach for TV ads, and InfoSum has been one of the key companies behind the trend. Speaking to me at The Future […]


First-Party Privacy Is Paramount: InfoSum’s Wetzel

How do you re-orient an entire industry to account for a radical new consumer viewpoint? Piece by piece. That’s how Lauren Wetzel sees it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the North America president for ad-tech company InfoSum, explains how the new privacy imperative is driving brands and media players to delve deeper into data. […]


Converged Insight Can Offset Viewer Decline: Xandr’s Wetzel

In TV today, it would be easy to have a glass half-full. Linear audiences were in continuing decline and consumers are tiring of excess ad load. That was before the pandemic forced broadcasters to lower ad rates. But those with a glass-half-full outlook see an opportunity – although linear numbers are declining, new opportunities to see, […]


Xandr Goes From ‘Build’ To ‘Accelerate’ In 2020, Wetzel Says

After buying and launching new products and services last year, AT&T’s Xandr ad-tech unit plans to more tightly tie everything together in 2020 The division is focused on facilitating premium video and advanced TV ad sales, and is a combination of a variety of acquisitions and launches. Most recently, Xandr acquired clypd late last year. […]