Retail Media Framework Will Drive Ad Growth: Albertsons’ Kristi Argyilan

CANNES – Marketers seeking to reach a mass audience have many ways to do that through a variety of channels – and retailers that sell online advertising are a fast-growing way to do that. However, these retail media networks have ad formats and definitions of engagement that can make them hard to compare with each […]


Trade Desk Collaboration Helps Brands With Digital Ad Targeting: Albertsons’ Kristi Argyilan

CANNES — Albertsons Cos. is the first grocer in the United States to collaborate with ad-tech company The Trade Desk on helping brands to better see the effect of digital advertising on customer sales. Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm of the grocery giant, will provide advertisers with insights and metrics to optimize their […]


Programmatic Media Buying at Magna Global Rising Fast

VIQUES, PR — IPG’s Magna Global media agency has tried to aggressively embrace automated platforms for the online ads it trades in. And things are moving faster than it expected. “We had a goal set for 2013 of putting 5% of our total spend through programmatic,” says Kristi Argyilan, the group’s north America president. “We exceeded that […]


‘Near-Time’ Ad Bidding Rising in Programmatic Landscape, Magna’s Argyilan

SAN FRANCISCO – Just when many in the industry are excitedly committing to buying targeted ad slots using automated, real-time bidding systems, some publishers want to slow down the real-time clock – and one agency group is backing them. “Today, (real-time bidding) is known as being motivated by trying to drive prices down as low […]


Magna Global NA President Argyilan: Media Buying Models “Will Fall Apart in Two Years”

SAN FRANCISCO –  Hold on to your hats. The decades-old way advertising has been bought and sold could start to collapse in 24 months. “A lot of media companies have been good money with the old model,” IPG Mediabrands’ Magna Global north America president Kristi Argyilan tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Our hypothesis is […]