Agencies Should Join In To Redefine Measurement: Samba TV’s Magel

SAN JUAN, PR — Little by little, media measurement is evolving from from single-channel panel data gathering to census-based viewing data sets and identity graphs, with real-time capability. And, with the emergence of a US Joint Industry Committee (JIC) to tackle the issue, even more development is set to happen. But, in this video interview […]


Brands Are Ready to Test New Measurement for Upfronts: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis Chats With Samba TV’s Kris Magel

As television networks prepare to showcase their programming during the upfront sales season, more advertisers are ready to test alternative ways to measure the value of their media investments. “When we hung up the phone yesterday with a bunch of our clients, we had a handful of them say, ‘I’m ready to test,’” Cara Lewis, […]


The Future Of Measurement Is Multi-Layered: Samba TV’s Magel

LOS ANGELES – Once upon a time, measuring TV ads was straightforward, if not terribly effective. Now, the increasing likelihood is that the practice will be owned by every actor in the system and will mean far higher accuracy. That is the vision according to Kris Magel, VP and head of agency development at Samba […]


CTV Unlocks More Detailed Audience Insights: Samba TV’s Kris Magel

The growth in the audience for connected TV (CTV) is creating more opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers, especially younger people who spend less time with linear TV. Advertisers face challenges in measuring the rapid change in viewing activity, as Kris Magel knows. He joined Samba TV, the provider of omniscreen advertising and analytics, in […]