Smart Speakers & Shoppable Audio In Entercom’s 2021 Ad Offering: Lagana

If video killed the radio star, then podcasts, smart speakers and new-wave sales techniques are putting the medium back center-stage. Developments like those – plus in-ear gadgets and in-car systems – mean a new era. That is according to Ken Lagana, EVP of digital sales and strategy at Entercom, the number-two radio group in the […]


Entercom’s Lagana: There’s an Audio Renaissance and Brands Are All In

Entercom’s acquisition strategy is solidifying its position as a leading force in podcasting and podcast advertising. Having acquired Cadence 13, a podcast network, and Pineapple Studios, which specializes in both original and branded content, Entercom is riding the “renaissance in the audio space,” according to Ken Lagana, evp of digital sales and strategy at Entercom. […]