NBCUniversal Announces AI Audience Segments, New Ad Offerings

NBCUniversal told us it would leverage AI in its video advertising offering this year – and that is exactly what it’s doing. At its One24 event in New York, the company announced a set of technological advancements and strategic partnerships aimed at enhancing television advertising capabilities. We are republishing Beet.TV’s interview with John Lee, chief data […]


AI Can Help Advertisers Reach Cross-Platform Audiences: NBCUniversal’s John Lee

LAS VEGAS – NBCUniversal this month launched One Platform Total Audience, a media planning and activation technology that uses artificial intelligence. It also plans to transact 50% of its business this year on strategic audiences to help brands reach viewers wherever they consume content. The idea “is the evolution and the next level of innovation […]


Marketing’s Future Relies on First-Party Data at Scale: NBCUniversal’s John Lee

Consumers are dividing their screentime among a wider variety of devices, challenging marketers to get a unified view of their target audiences. Media and entertainment giant NBCUniversal is working to provide those insights by aggregating data from its different businesses and their touchpoints with millions of consumers. “We need to consolidate in a privacy-first, transparent […]


NBC’s ‘Big Leap Forward’: ‘NBCUnified’ Data On 200M+ Consumers

The company had already streamlined its considerable ad sales offering as ertising/oneplatform/. Now NBCUniversal is consolidating the under-the-hood data that powers it all. In this video interview with Beet.TV, John Lee, Chief Data Officer, NBCUniversal, details the company’s newly-launched data platform, dubbed “NBCUnified”. Data difference The new NBCUnified platform comprises NBCU ID, Data Marketplace and […]


Dentsu’s John Lee Tapped by NBCU as Chief Data Officer

Dentsu’s John Lee, Global Chief Strategy Officer at its Merkle unit, is joining NBCU in the newly-created role of Chief Data Officer, sitting within the company’s Global Advertising & Partnerships division. The announcement was made today.  The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal. Late last year we spoke with Lee about publisher […]