‘Real-Time TV Does Not Exist’: Dish, Videa, Google, Experian Discuss

SAN JUAN — It was billed as the revolution for television ad sales – the emerging prospect of using internet-connected platforms and audience viewing data to plan, execute and measure TV ad campaigns in real-time. After all, “programmatic” advertising unleashed “real-time bidding” (RTB) on to the world several years ago now. Today, real-time auctions for […]


Addressable TV Evolution Takes Education & Iteration: DISH’s D’Antoni

SAN JUAN — The day is dawning when advertisers will be able to reach individual TV viewers using a mixture of data, connected devices and customized creative. Already, around 70 million US homes are reckoned to have this kind of “addressable” capability. But getting this won’t happen overnight. In this video interview with Beet.TV, DISH Media […]


DISH Seeing Addressable TV Buys Becoming Part Of Overall Planning

Cross-platform advertising buys are soaring at DISH Media Sales as more media agencies create advanced-television teams, while the operational efficiency afforded by programmatic technology continues to grow. This is Jim D’Antoni’s snapshot of the advanced TV and addressable advertising space explains how more marketers are integrating addressable buys into their strategic planning instead of integrating […]