Taking A Stand: Finecast’s Jakob Nielsen Spends Responsibly On CTV

LONDON – Give ad spend direct to broadcasters and responsible companies, not the new generation of CTV fraudsters. That is the message from the connected TV division of the world’s biggest media buying agency. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Finecast CEO Jakob Nielsen says it is safer and more responsible to swerve open CTV […]


The Long Slow Road To Scale & Power: Finecast’s Jakob Nielsen On Advanced TV

CANNES – Building the infrastructure required to deliver addressable TV ad campaigns at scale is a “10-year sprint” for the man charged with doing that for the world’s biggest media agency holding group. But Jakob Nielsen is having the time of his life. In 2017, WPP’s GroupM launched Finecast, aiming to “help advertisers address hard-to-reach […]


Amazon Will Be A Gigantic Ad Sales House: Finecast’s Nielsen

LONDON — Over the last two years, the growing realization that Amazon brings significant skin to the digital advertising game has ballooned. And that is crossing off its ecommerce platform and on to online TV, too. In a recent terms of service update for Fire TV ad sales, Amazon says “Fire TV Ad-Enabled Apps must […]


Sky & Finecast Foresee Strong Addressable Growth

CANNES — Together, they have partnered to raise the bar for addressable TV advertising, the new practice through which ad buyers can target viewers down to the household level. So, what do Sky and Finecast think is the future for addressable? Sky is the UK’s leading pay-TV provider, whose AdSmart was one of the world’s […]


Beet Retreat Miami Panel Probes Advanced-TV Roadblocks: Furious Corp., 4C Insights, Oracle Data Cloud And Finecast

MIAMI – If you could change just one thing tomorrow that could speed up the advanced-television business, what would that be? Maybe nothing that would have an immediate impact on the way things were done—inertia being what it is—but it’s good to ponder the question anyway. This was the approach taken by Ashley J. Swartz, […]


WPP’s New Finecast to be Global, Advanced TV Ecosystem

MIAMI — It has a large and increasingly switched-on populace, and, when it comes to television, more and more of that consumer base is going straight to over-the-top. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CEO of a company GroupM has established to work on addressable TV advertising in the UK has an observation that may […]


Jakob Nielsen Wants GroupM’s Finecast To Become TV Industry ‘Ecosystem’

When GroupM launched Finecast, after a year of development, this fall, it may have seemed like yet another industry attempt to crack the addressable TV advertising opportunity. But, in the smaller UK market, Finecast has quickly gained real traction – and now its boss wants to give it to the world, too. The agency’s business […]


GroupM Taps Jakob Nielsen To Run New Addressable TV Company Finecast In The U.K.

GroupM is taking on the challenge of cross-screen audience targeting and standardized measurement by launching its own addressable TV company in the U.K. called Finecast. Following nine months of in-house testing, Finecast is up and running and spans multiple TV channels, pay-TV platforms, set-top boxes, video-on-demand services, over-the-top providers and game consoles. Jakob Nielsen, Managing […]


Half Of TV Ads Could Be Addressable, GroupM’s Nielsen Thinks

LONDON — About 42% of US homes are now able to receive so-called “addressable advertising” – TV ads custom-targeted at individual homes thanks to one of a variety of return-path TV systems. But how much of the multi-billion-dollar TV advertising industry could be funnelled through that channel in the years ahead. It’s early days, but […]


GroupM Finds New Audiences In Video Ads: Jakob Nielsen

LAS VEGAS — European advertisers are taking to video advertising and so-called “programmatic” online ad technologies at varying progressive degrees, according to GroupM Interaction UK MD Jakob Nielsen. “(In the) UK … TV buyers are constantly looking to new audiences,” Nielsen tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “With video… in the diminishing-return space, all of a […]