Netflix Ads & Digital Competition Are Shaking-Up Ad Industry Dynamics: Trade Desk’s Richardson

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — For a decade, this fast-moving industry was relatively stable. Now new entrants, new business models and new regulatory considerations are changing the game for how advertisers can meet their audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jake Richardson, Director, TV Partnerships, The Trade Desk, explains how he sees recent shifts ushering-in […]


Leaders at Nielsen, Ampersand, The Trade Desk, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, MiQ and PubMatic Gather for the Beet Retreat

The Beet Retreat kicks off this week in Santa Monica, California, bringing together the leaders and professionals who are shaping the future of the media industry. This year’s gathering comes as companies throughout the media ecosystem look to forge strong relationships with others as they work together improve the consumer experience and the effectiveness of […]


Trade Desk’s Richardson Wants Bigger, Faster TV Ad Sales Evolution

MVPD platforms and programers could do things the same way they have always done them – or they could take a stab at laying a groundwork for the future. Little by little, programmatic trading of TV ads is becoming a reality. But Jake Richardson, Director, TV Partnerships, The Trade Desk, would like to see it […]