From Chaos To Clarity & Scale: InfoSum’s Wetzel Sees Brands Benefitting From Clean Rooms For TV Ads

LONDON, UK — Use of clean room software, allowing companies to combine customer data sets without privacy implications, isn’t exclusive to the US. UK media owners and brands have also been adopting the approach for TV ads, and InfoSum has been one of the key companies behind the trend. Speaking to me at The Future […]


Not Everything Is A Clean Room: InfoSum’s Lesser Urges Data Collaboration Nuance

SALISBURY, CT — In the last two years, data clean rooms have risen to prominence as a way for companies to continue connecting customer data sets while minding new privacy rules. But the clean room hype also risks blinding some buyers to the reality that data collaboration is about a lot more than just clean […]


InfoSum’s Trade Desk Match-Up Pairs First-Party Data, UID 2.0

A big new partnership deal promises to swell the practice through which advertisers use so-called “clean rooms” to activate their first-party customer data alongside other datasets. InfoSum, a data collaboration platform, says it will integrate with The Trade Desk, which offers a demand-side platform (DSP),  data management platform (DMP) and its Unified ID 2.0 (UID). […]


Embracing Unknowns, InfoSum’s Cestaro Opens Up For Connection

The new world of advanced TV ad targeting is an open field. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Marc Cestaro, VP, Advanced TV, North America, InfoSum, says the optimum strategic approach is not yet known. But he says one thing is for sure – privacy, data and integration are critical. Sum of data InfoSum allows […]


Agnosticism & Privacy At Speed: InfoSum’s Cestaro On The Data-Sharing Challenge

Marketers and publishers want to heed the new audience privacy imperative – but they also want to be able to connect and overlay audience datasets to make their targeting offering better. In that troublesome space has emerged a new class of software product – the “clean room”, or “safe haven”. In this video interview with […]


First-Party Privacy Is Paramount: InfoSum’s Wetzel

How do you re-orient an entire industry to account for a radical new consumer viewpoint? Piece by piece. That’s how Lauren Wetzel sees it. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the North America president for ad-tech company InfoSum, explains how the new privacy imperative is driving brands and media players to delve deeper into data. […]