Lighten The Load: Warner Bros. Discovery’s Kazi Wants To Improve The TV Ad Experience

It is a country with some of the longest linear TV ad load in the world, how can new US streaming services keep viewers engaged? Huda Kazi wants to lighten the load. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kazi, VP of Ad Technology & Operations at Warner Bros. Discovery, emphasizes the importance of compelling content […]


Addressable Advertising Marks Convergence of Linear, CTV: Execs from Beachfront, Vizio, Digitas, Discovery, Canoe, Vevo, The Trade Desk and Premion

Addressable advertising on linear TV is a culmination of efforts to combine the reach of broadcasters with the targeting of digital platforms. Addressable TV also will drive greater adoption of programmatic media buying as advertisers seek more flexibility with their campaigns. Addressable Ads Growing on Linear TV Chris Maccaro, chief executive of Beachfront Media “We’re […]


Linear Addressable TV Is ‘True Convergence Point’: Discovery’s Huda Kazi

The growth in households that connect their TVs directly to the internet offers advertisers a way to reach consumers who seek the flexibility to watch linear and on-demand programming. With this year’s launch of streaming service Discovery+, parent company Discovery aims to broaden and diversify its audience. The launch of Discovery+ preceded this week’s announcement […]