Hearst Leans On Partner Tech To Smoothe Complexity: Lustgarten

If connected TV technology seems to make it easy to target TV ads at individual households, well, tell that to the people charged with making the spaghetti soup of a system work together. As powerful as CTV can be, a common complaint is that it remains too complex. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Al […]


Local TV Can Easily Flip To Impressions: Hearst’s Wertlieb

Local TV is perfectly capable of overhauling the the historic system it uses to sell advertising – because that system has been hiding in plain sight. So says the president of Hearst’s television operation in this video interview with Beet.TV. The industry is embarking on a shift, from the historic method of measuring and selling […]


dataxu’s TotalTV Linear-Digital Solution Powering Hearst Anyscreen Platform

There’s “a huge market opportunity” in local television for dataxu, whose TotalTV linear-digital audience offering is powering Hearst’s new Hearst Anyscreen platform, says dataxu’s Mike Baker. Hearst’s TV footprint spans 39 states where the company is now selling connected TV in conjunction with the same linear audiences for local TV, the Co-Founder, President and CEO […]


iCrossing’s Ratner Ponders YouTube’s Stratification, ‘Tunneling Effect’

The re-grouping of content on YouTube continues apace, upending the playing field for some content creators and raising concerns about content discovery amid the platform’s “tunneling effect,” says iCrossing’s Jeff Ratner. “I think YouTube is creating their own stratification of their content. Obviously, they took to heart a lot of the brand safety challenges of […]


Hearst Digital’s Troy Young On The ‘New Realities’ Of Understanding Consumers, Creating Audiences

PALM SPRINGS, Calif – After acquiring greater scale by purchasing Rodale’s global content business, Hearst still has to compete in an era when “everyone’s a content publisher” and some digital platforms are easier for advertisers to engage with than others. It’s against this backdrop that Troy Young, Global President, Hearst Digital Media, views the ever-evolving […]


Hearst Digital’s Troy Young On The Evolution Of Video

It has taken two decades of internet evolution, but, little by little, the old web – led by text and static images – is being taken over by a world of video… at least, in the mind of publishers eager for new ways to package up stories, and advertisers keen to find new eyeballs. Few publishers […]


Awesomeness Listened To Gen Z And The Brand ‘Really Took Off,’ Says Bouttier

Not many companies these days compare themselves to the cable television network pioneers of the 70’s and 80’s. Awesomeness is one of them. Using digital pipes instead of coaxial wiring, Awesomeness picked up early funding and set out to capture Gen Z—youths 12 to 24. Just as cable TV networks “erupted out of the new […]


Hearst’s Young Wants More From Facebook’s Platform Power

HOLLYWOOD — Media companies may be seen as giving away their precious content and audiences to social network platforms – but the tension between content and distribution is really as old as the hills. That’s according to a media executive who has seen the evolution of the relationship over the broad sweep of time. “A number […]


Hearst’s Ad Sale Approach: Diverse Models & Partners

From its first origins in 1887 as owner of the San Francisco Examiner, Hearst has certainly changed over the years. Back then, the company had just one title. Now focused on magazines, websites and video, the publisher is more interest in applying a diverse range of mechanisms to its ad sales operation. Hearst ad platforms SVP […]


Ad Buyers Are Defrauding Publishers, Too: Hearst’s Parker

So far, the biggest complaint when it comes to digital ad fraud has come from ad buyers, who fear that nefarious operators in the publishing value chain are gaming the system to show ads in undesirable locations for no effect. But the other side is now getting conned, too, as “sub-syndication networks” duplicate and misrepresent buyer […]


Hearst Ad SVP Smith: Programmatic Is Too Dysfunctional

Venerable magazine publisher Hearst these days makes all of its online advertising slots available to buy programmatically, using the new technologies designed to make buying and selling ads more efficient. But that doesn’t mean the publisher thinks the new programmatic world is perfect. “There’s a lot of work that needs to be done,” says Hearst’s  Michael Smith in […]


Hearst CEO Swartz’ Career Advice: Follow Your Passion To The Top

Steven R. Swartz isn’t the only business reporter to make it big on the business side of reporting. Sequoia venture capitalist Michael Moritz wrote for Time magazine before making tech investments, for example. But he is one of the few to have risen to the very top of the company he has worked in for […]


Hearst is Building a “Netflix Model” Around Magazine Video Content

Hearst has just launched “CosmoBody,” a daily fitness show which is advertiser-free and is  being offered on a subscription basis.  This is the first of what will be a number of Hearst titles and Hearst partners who will be part of a new “Netflix model,” explains Chris Grosso, SVP and GM of Hearst Digital Studios, […]


Hearst Sees Merger Of Programmatic And Ad Ops

For many in media, “programmatic” methods of advertising sales are geared to targeting and selling cheap inventory automatically, whilst conventional ad operations retain the task of selling main-line display ads. But there may be a third way. “At Heart, we’ve merged the functions – programmatic, sales and ad ops are now one,” Hearst’s revenue platforms and […]