HealthiNation: Strictly Vetted Content For Patients, Families And Caregivers

Videos are a powerful way to communicate health and medical information to people at all levels of literacy, but only if the content is strictly vetted. “We have a very strict process in terms of what we publish and what sources we use,” says Dr. Preeti Parikh, Chief Medical Editor of HealthiNation. In this interview […]


HealthiNation Prescribes Highly Engaged Video Viewers For Health-Related Brands

Most people wouldn’t search for and watch a video about treating Crohn’s Disease unless they thought they or a loved one might have the illness. This concept is what helps give HealthiNation a “highly qualified and targetable audience.” Combine that with the highly vetted nature of the publisher’s content—accredited by the non-profit group URAC—and the […]