Video View Fraud Perpetuated by Venture-Backed Companies, VivaKi’s Voris

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  Fraud around viewable advertising was one of the biggest issues discussed at the recent IAB leadership meeting. In this interview with Beet.TV, Frank Voris, CEO of VivaKi, says that there is widespread fraud and the industry has to take action.  Among the bad players are (unnamed) venture-backed companies who drive false […]


VivaKi’s Voris: ‘Digital Video Will Expand Business’

LONDON – As digital video expands tremendously, it will continue to grow VivaKi‘s business, says Frank Voris, CEO of VivaKi. “We’re focusing on incubating new opportunities for the group, whether it’s monetizing partnerships, creating new product, and developing new business models to take us into the future and deliver the growth that Maurice [Levy, CEO […]