BOA’s Paskalis: Brand Safety On Digital Platforms A ‘100 Percent Requirement’

LOS ANGELES – By their very nature, financial institutions are held to standards of conduct that most marketers never have to worry about. So when Bank of America’s Lou Paskalis talks about brand advertising showing up alongside digital content that promotes terrorism, he’s unflinching about what needs to change. “We just can’t be in business […]


Taco Bell’s Thalberg On The Power Of Television, ‘Dark Clouds’ Over Digital

LOS ANGELES – Taco Bell CMO Marisa Thalberg knows that despite viewing shifts, traditional television is still a powerful medium for the fast-food giant. What she finds “very scary” is spending money on digital platforms given issues like viewability, fraud and the potential for the company’s ads to appear in the wrong environment. “TV’s still […]


As Dynamic Ad Insertion Grows, So Does Xaxis Ad Labs: Xaxis NA President Sweeney

LOS ANGELES – Some brand marketers are tired of hearing about things like ad tech stacks, data integrations, measuring click rates and figuring out last-touch attribution. But there is a growing focus on things like dynamic ad insertion to tailor messaging to the right audience at the most appropriate time. “What they want to know […]


Creative Fulfillment Burdened By Needless Workflow Complexity: Extreme Reach’s Brackett

LOS ANGELES – When there was just linear television, delivering the commercials—i.e. the creative—to TV stations was a fairly standard if not boring process. But with the explosion of viewing across screens and instantaneous delivery of creative, it’s a whole new ballgame. The “dirty little secret” that much of the industry is either unaware of […]


Extreme Reach Bids $485 Million For DGIT’s TV Ads Business

When Extreme Reach CEO John Roland spoke with Beet.TV a year ago, he forecast how it will be “a pretty exciting year” for the firm, which helps brands distribute their video ads across the many new video platforms and TV. As if proving that prediction, today his company offered to buy DGIT‘s Video Fusion TV advertising […]

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