Privacy Is Our Carpe Diem Moment: Hearts & Science’s New US CEO

Consumer privacy issues and the relative value they perceive from media and advertising are a “carpe diem” (“seize the day”) moment for the advertising industry. Thast is according to one agency exec speaking amid the discussion at the Cannes Lions ad industry gathering. “With ITP and ITP 2.0 (Intelligent Tracking Prevention), I think we’re seeing […]


Brands Bringing Own Data To The Multi-Graph, GroupM, Hearts & Science Execs Say

In the emerging world of targeted marketing, knowing your customers and prospects is becoming essential. As that importance grows, so does the position of companies offering identity “graphs”, records of consumer profiles. In this panel discussion at Beet.TV’s Identity In Focus leadership forum, two ad agency executives discuss how identity is being pieced together by […]


To Leverage Identity, ‘Data Disconnect’ Must Be Bridged: Hearts & Science’s Matts

Using data to power identity graphs requires talent and a new way of looking at media planning and activation. But it’s all of little use unless creative and media people at agencies form effective means of collaborating, according to Erin Matts. The newly appointed U.S. CEO of Hearts & Science sees progress being made on […]


Linear TV to Soon Benefit From Targeted Ad Sales Processes Now Widely Used in Digital: Annalect’s Matts

LAS VEGAS — CES may be thought of as a technology show, but there is one kind of technology product that dependably still takes center-stage at the event – televisions. In Las Vegas, Beet.TV found technology executives eager to say that, despite growing industry concern at changing viewer behavior, TV still has unique qualities. But […]


Creative Directors Are Warming Up to Data: Annalect’s Matts

Some creatives have continued to view data as an intrusion that undermines their work by valuing algorithms over instincts, but that may be starting to change. One development that creatives are excited about is the availability of programmatic technology that allows them to show hundreds of different iterations of creative to different customers, according to Erin Matts, […]