Marketers Must ‘Think Human’ to Engage Consumers: Pearle Vision CMO Doug Zarkin

Mass marketers with millions of customers must avoid seeing consumers as abstract data points whose behaviors are quantified in web visits, ad impressions and social media “likes.” Instead, marketers need to take a more “human” approach to reaching their target audiences as tracking cookies disappear from the internet. “There has been I think in the […]


‘Fear of Missing Out Is Not a Marketing Strategy’: Pearle Vision’s Doug Zarkin

Marketers are looking for more ways to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, especially amid the drastic change in consumer habits during the pandemic. For Pearle Vision, one of the biggest franchised optical retailers in North America, results are measured in the number of patients who visit their stores. “The expectations right now is […]


Pearle Vision CMO Zarkin: Marketing Can’t Be Everything to Everybody

ORLANDO – For Pearle Vision vp and CMO Doug Zarkin, a successful marketing strategy has to involve sacrifice. “Marketing can’t be everything to everybody,” Zarkin told Beet.TV in an interview at the CMO Growth Council. “It forces brands to be rigorous and disciplined in terms of what we stand for. We could talk about a […]