Carat Rides Out “Pitchapalooza” With $1.8bn In New Business: Doug Ray

It’s been a big year for brand marketers. With a reported $25 billion set to change hands as agency accounts came up for renewal, this year was both a threat and an opportunity. In truth, so-called “Pitchapalooza” has been about more than just beauty contests for contract renewal – it’s also about establishing which agencies have digital chops […]


Holding Companies Have Differentiated Philosophies Now: Carat’s Ray

Carat’s global president and U.S. CEO Doug Ray recalls a recent conversation with a client, who admitted to thinking of media five years ago as a commodity product. Fast forward to now, and the differences between media agencies and even holding companies look stark. In Ray’s view, that’s because of factors like the growth of data […]


Audience Strategy is Key Attribute of Media Agency Today, Carat’s Doug Ray

CANNES —  As media agencies have to work harder for clients in today’s digital world, they are finding a big benefit they bring lies in analyzing audiences, says Doug Ray, U.S. CEO & Global President at Carat, in this interview with Beet.TV. Audience buying, of course, is all the rage. Likewise, the ability to understand audiences may separate the […]


Data and Content Keys to Digital Future, Carat’s Doug Ray

LONDON — As more data in digital video becomes available to marketers, it’s still wise to focus on content as well, says Doug Ray, Global President of Carat, in an interview with Beet.TV. “How are consumers responding to and engaging in content?” he asks. “How do we think about planning in not just linear or […]


Data Gives Agencies Leverage Over Networks: Carat’s Ray

LONDON — The emerging plethora of TV viewer data being pumped out by third-party agencies and new measurement models is giving ad agencies and their clients a leg-up when it comes to negotiating the buying of TV ad spots, says one agency boss. “Because of that data warehouse you’re starting to discover audiences that perhaps […]


TV Networks Well Placed Despite Multi-Platform Boom: Nielsen’s Hasker

CANNES, France — How will the relationship between media agencies, brands and TV networks evolve as underlying media and marketing platforms continue to be disrupted? The incumbent TV industry remains in a strong position, a Beet.TV panel heard. “There’s been a sea-change in the attitudes but, more importantly, the confidence of the broadcast and major […]


Carat’s Ray: Proving ROI Amid Real Media Convergence

CANNES, France — People have talked about media “convergence” for years. But, for media agency Carat, the converged future hasn’t worked out the way people expected. “We used to talk about how everything would converge on a single device,” says global president Doug Ray. “The reality is, people’s bevahiors have converged around different devices.” It’s within […]

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