Predictions For ‘Predictive Marketing’, From Deloitte’s Paris

What if AI could perform many of the functions of modern marketing? That future is coming in to view. Today, technology’s ability to collect and interpret vast quantities of data means marketers are swimming in reports, often leading to insights which can inform recalibrations in strategy. But the emerging possibility of “predictive” technology, underpinned by […]


Deloitte’s Hatch Explains How To Develop ‘Hybrid Marketers’

CANNES—Core marketing skills alone won’t guarantee success in today’s corporate world. What helps to drive business growth is cross-training within an organization and understanding how best to communicate with people like CFO’s, according to Deloitte Digital CMO Alicia Hatch. “Finding those new things in marketing is one of the most incredible hotbeds of innovation,” Hatch […]


Marketing Has A Marketing Problem: Deloitte’s Hatch

ORLANDO — If any industry should know how to shake off an image problem, it should be the marketing industry. After all, isn’t that its core competency? But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Deloitte Digital’s chief marketing officer Alicia Hatch says marketers are suffering at the hands of technology, and need to reboot their perception. […]


Marketing Exists in a “Liquid State,” Deloitte’s Schulman

ORLANDO — Marketers are more challenged than ever and the job is much bigger, says, Alan Schulman, National Director of Content Marketing & Creative Experience at Deloitte Digital, in an interview with Beet.TV at ANA. “It’s not just about the brand, but the entire customer experience,” he says in this deep dive interview about the changing role […]