Advertisers Must Stop The Rot Of ‘Truth Decay’: TRUSTX’s Kohl

Advertisers must accept their responsibility to continue funding journalism that plays a vital civic role – and their ROI shows it’s worth it. That is the view of the man who runs a premium private marketplace jointly owned by some of America’s leading news publishers. For news organizations, this year’s advertising outlook turned down thanks […]


TrustX, Publishers’ Own PMP, Is Trading More Than $10M: CEO: Kohl

Three years after it set out to create a digital advertising supply chain platform that set out to ease publishers’ worries, trade association Digital Content Next‘s own private marketplace is now facilitating more than “eight figures” in ad sales, according to the man running the non-profit organization. Over the last few years, a growing number […]


Publishers Fight Back: Meet TrustX, The Non-Profit Private Marketplace

Over the last few months, a growing procession of premium publishers has become increasingly vocal about their discontent with ad-tech – principally, excessive fees taken by intermediaries and fraud committed by bad actors. What if they launched and operated their own ad-tech? That’s where TrustX comes in. Owned by publishers’ non-profit trade association Digital Content […]