The Future of Addressable TV, as Seen by Weather’s Curt Hecht

The industry lost one of its true visionaries this week with the passing of Curt Hecht, 47, to lung cancer. A veteran digital advertising and publishing executive, Hecht was a pioneer in addressable TV.  He created experimental programs, including one of the first in 2006 with GM and Comcast. As Chief Revenue Officer of The […]


Weather Channel is Meeting Digital Video Demand with Local TV Partners

LAS VEGAS – The Weather Company streamed 1.2 billion video views in 2014, with about 40 percent on mobile devices.   That consumption was double the previous year.   While the company is producing much of its video content in-house, it is starting to work with local television partners including the Tribune TV stations to […]


Weather Channel Aims for Addressable TV

LAS VEGAS — Innovations in addressable TV have grown tremendously in the last ten years, and now Weather Channel is aiming to be the first fully addressable cable TV network, says Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer at Weather Channel, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Weather Channel has experimented […]


Programmatic Helps the Weather Company Manage Unexpected Demand

While the Weather Company routinely sells out its video inventory to advertisers, big weather events, like the recent deep freeze in the United States, create demand and opportunities which can be effectively monetized using a programmatic solutions, says Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer of the Weather Company in this interview with Beet.TV The Weather […]