Alt Currencies Will Have Bigger Role in Upfront Sales: Paramount’s Colleen Fahey Rush

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Media companies this year are teaming up a bigger variety of audience measurement providers as they showcase their programming for brands and agencies for upfront advertising sales. Paramount has worked to evaluate newer datasets and metrics that to set the value of advertising transactions, or what are known as currencies. […]


This Time, It’s Different: Paramount Excited To Take Alt Currencies Beyond Ads

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — After years of trying, the TV industry’s long quest to embrace alternative measurement and currency methods has blossomed. Now it’s time to roll out the tech for the next upfront TV ad sales season. But Paramount doesn’t just want to use the new vendors to quantify cross-platform ad views  – […]


Next Wave Of Advanced TV: Cross-Company Standardized Targets, Says Viacom’s Rush

Viacom’s Colleen Fahey Rush longs for the day when target definitions that fuel the proprietary advanced television solutions built by individual media companies can be standardized. However, “I think it’s going to take a little longer than 12 months for what comes next,” Rush says in an interview with Beet.TV. The company’s EVP and Chief […]


Learning To Love, And Solve, Ad Land’s ‘Measurement Crisis’

So many media, so many metrics. The job of a marketer has become fragmented indeed. No sooner has one new metric been cooked up, it seems another sprouts up, making measurement like whack-a-mole for many executives. Should the industry embrace the chaos, or shoot for a single, all-encompassing success metric? “We’ve been in the midst of […]


Is It Time Ad Land Refocused From Data To Creative?

Data, data everywhere. The modern marketer has copious data sources at her fingertips to plan, buy and assess online advertising. Amid the conversion of Mad Men in to Maths Men, it feels like “data” is the only game in town. But are we beginning to witness a counter-revolution, a return to the roots of Madison […]