Rise Up & Respect: Infillion’s Carone On Valuing Customers & Women

CANNES — There is a common notion that binds two top themes in Christa Carone’s world – opting-in. The president of Infillion, a new company recently formed out of a merger of Gimbal and true[X], wants more women to “opt in” to the workforce, and she wants more TV viewers to get control in the advertising […]


Playing The Partnership Game: Infillion’s Carone Aims To Soothe ‘Tech Exhaustion’

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Could video games be a Trojan Horse to ad success? Christa Carone thinks so. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers for Beet.TV at Beet Retreat San Juan, the president of new ad-tech firm Infillion says it could be the next big trend. Game ads rising Infillion-acquired true[X] pioneered the […]


Better Together: Infillion’s Carone Sees Power In Partnership

Every brand wants to out-do its competitors. But, in the advertising services sector that helps brands reach higher, it is increasingly about coming-together rather than competition. Christa Carone, President of newly-formed Infillion, says she is heading to Beet Retreat San Juan in pursuit of partnerships. Her company was recently formed out of a merger of […]


Group Nine Media Brings Machine Learning To Brand Engagement

Group Nine Media made one of centerpieces of its second Digital Content NewFronts an artificial intelligence offering called GIA, for front-end optimization of advertisers’ campaign creative and distribution. It stands for Group Nine Insights Analyst, which takes “machine learning and artificial intelligence and applies it to how we are able to work with our brands […]