Workflow Automation Is Transforming Media Markets: Beachfront’s Chris Maccaro

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – One of the drearier parts of being a knowledge worker is doing repetitive tasks that take time away from other responsibilities requiring creativity, such as business development and strategy. Workflow automation promises to transform how media and marketing professionals do their jobs and unlock productivity, especially as traditional linear television converges […]


Broadcasters Shouldn’t Fear Ad-Sales Automation: Beachfront’s Maccaro

LOS ANGELES – The term “programmatic advertising” has negative connotations for television networks that don’t want to see the value of their media inventories plunge. They fear the same “race to the bottom” that was seen in the digital display market, where websites could load up their pages with an almost limitless supply of banner […]


Addressable Advertising Marks Convergence of Linear, CTV: Execs from Beachfront, Vizio, Digitas, Discovery, Canoe, Vevo, The Trade Desk and Premion

Addressable advertising on linear TV is a culmination of efforts to combine the reach of broadcasters with the targeting of digital platforms. Addressable TV also will drive greater adoption of programmatic media buying as advertisers seek more flexibility with their campaigns. Addressable Ads Growing on Linear TV Chris Maccaro, chief executive of Beachfront Media “We’re […]


Linear TV Isn’t Going Away: Beachfront Media’s Maccaro

With on-demand viewing options still exploding, it may seem like linear viewing is on its way out. But that’s only half the story. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the chief executive of one TV ad-tech company says linear has a future. Viewing habits converging VOD and linear viewership could be on course to equal […]