Samsung’s Oh Finds ‘Unfindables’ & Heavy Gamers With ACR

If you are a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare wizard, Cathy Oh may know about it. As global head of marketing and analytics at Samsung Ads, Oh boasts that her employer can see what 45 million owners of Samsung Smart TVs are doing on their sets. Of course, it is all anonymized. But, for Oh, […]


Samsung Ads Going Big at CES: “We’re Not in the Test Phase Anymore”

It is the consumer electronics industry’s annual jamboree in the desert. But Cathy Oh has business and results on her mind. In 2019’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place in Las Vegas, Samsung ran its own “city” with “districts” showcasing the company’s newest TVs, monitors, appliances and more. For Oh, the global head of marketing […]