Unifying Inventory Is Key CTV Buyer Challenge: Experian’s Danaher

LOS ANGELES — It may be more commonly thought of as the company that compiles your credit history but, in the new media era, Experian is carving out a role for itself as the bridge between islands of ad data. In this video interview with Mediatel Events director Justin Lebbon for Beet.TV, Brad Danaher, Managing Director, […]


CTV Starts In NYC: Experian’s Danaher On TV Targeting Data

CHICAGO –  If you can make an ad strategy work there, you can make it work anywhere. It’s up to you – but Brad Danaher recommends beginning your targeted TV ad strategy in New York. With connected and addressable TV technology, marketers can buy ads that reach specific audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Strength In Offline & TV: Experian’s Danaher

SAN JUAN, PR — In the last decade of media, the industry may have conditioned itself to think of digital platforms and online connectivity as offering the best opportunities. But that before the rise of super-powered new TV ad capabilities, and before the sun started to set on some of digital’s key levers. In this […]


‘Real-Time TV Does Not Exist’: Dish, Videa, Google, Experian Discuss

SAN JUAN — It was billed as the revolution for television ad sales – the emerging prospect of using internet-connected platforms and audience viewing data to plan, execute and measure TV ad campaigns in real-time. After all, “programmatic” advertising unleashed “real-time bidding” (RTB) on to the world several years ago now. Today, real-time auctions for […]


Experian Reducing TV Audience Segment Pain Points

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—Not that long ago, data for advanced targeting for cross-channel advertising was hard to come by. But now, “There’s a lot more data out in the ecosystem now than there ever was,” and advertisers need help putting it all together, says Experian’s Brad Danaher. Experian helps advertisers determine the data segments that […]


Experian’s Danaher On Data Marketplace Disruption

Why does the company which has credit reports and other data on 235 million US consumers want to play in the advertising business? Because it wants to be a lynchpin. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the director of TV solutions at Experian Marketing Services, Brad Danaher, makes a case for Experian being a fulcrum of […]


Travel Joins Autos, Financial Services As Big Audience Targeting Categories: Experian’s Danaher

The travel industry vertical has joined automotive and financial services a top category for more precise consumer targeting and outcomes measurement via digital video. Nonetheless, there’s a still a lot of “heavy lifting” going on as brand marketers try to best identify their target audiences with first- and third-party data, according to Experian’s Brad Danaher. […]


Beet.TV Summit March 9: Xaxis, BBDO, Eyeview, MediaMath And Others To Examine Performance Video

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – The year 2017 will see WPP’s Xaxis increasingly focus on performance outcomes for its clients’ video ad campaigns. “Every campaign that we will run will have a KPI that is considered very important to the advertiser that we will achieve,” says David J. Moore, who is President of WPP Digital and Chairman […]


Three Trends In Addressable’s 2×2 Roadmap, Acxiom’s Schmitt Sees

MIAMI — Now around 50 million US homes could be at the end of so-called “addressable” TV, giving advertisers a wider canvas on which to paint household-targeted TV ads. What’s next? Eric Schmitt has identified three big changes occurring amid the revolution. The VP of TV at marketing data company Acxiom, in this panel interview with Beet.TV, offers up the […]


Data Will Get Linked Up In 2017, Experian’s Danaher Says

MIAMI — For a modern advertiser, it’s a thorny problem. These days, your customers are reachable on all manner of different screens and devices that, whilst connected to the internet, are not connected to each other. It makes consumers schizophrenic. In other words, they have multiple identities, scattered across services. And that is a targeting nightmare. But many […]