Addressable Advertising Marks Convergence of Linear, CTV: Execs from Beachfront, Vizio, Digitas, Discovery, Canoe, Vevo, The Trade Desk and Premion

Addressable advertising on linear TV is a culmination of efforts to combine the reach of broadcasters with the targeting of digital platforms. Addressable TV also will drive greater adoption of programmatic media buying as advertisers seek more flexibility with their campaigns. Addressable Ads Growing on Linear TV Chris Maccaro, chief executive of Beachfront Media “We’re […]


Digitas’ Weeks Urges Brands To Adopt CTV At This Year’s Upfront

When the world’s biggest ad buyers start advising clients to lean into connected TV, you know the channel has finally made it. For years, CTV has been a side note to many media plans. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Digitas VP Beth Weeks says brands in the current season of upfront ad sales deals […]


Navigating CTV Ad Opportunities & Challenges: Digitas’ Weeks

CHICAGO – Connected TV (CTV) viewing is exploding with audiences, and advertisers want to follow suit. But where, once, TV was relatively straightforward to buy, how are agencies how approaching the proliferating platforms, opportunities and challenges? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Beth Weeks, VP and director of media at Digitas North America, explains. Standardization sought […]