Media Measurement Is Undergoing ‘Radical’ Change: Andy Brown

LONDON – The fragmentation of the media marketplace has presented new challenges in measuring how viewers spend their time, and how advertisers should allocate their media spending to reach consumers. The challenge has been magnified with the shift to digital channels that allow for greater customization. “One of the biggest changes I saw really over […]


Netherlands Leads The World On Unified Video Measurement: Kantar Media’s Brown

The US is lagging behind in efforts to create a unified currency for measuring TV and video consumption across platforms – but only because the size of the business there makes it a juggernaut that is difficult to push. That is the viewpoint of one media measurement chief who has a great global overview of the worldwide pace […]


Kantar Media’s Brown On Cross-Media Measurement Roadmap

SEVILLE — Kantar Media helps advertising businesses measure the reach of content across many media. The new challenges are measuring digital screens and tying together measurement of multiple screens. Speaking with Beet.TV, CEO Andy Brown explains Kantar Media’s approach to new TV and video platforms: “It’s a process of evolution, there’s a roadmap: “We start with ‘Extended TV’, […]