Meredith Will Offer Video Advertising ROI Guarantees In NewFronts

Meredith Corporation was a pioneer in offering print advertising sales guarantees, something it subsequently extended to digital and cross-platform media. Now it’s set to offer guarantees on video advertising ROI. “Just like we’ve done in print and just like we’ve done in digital, one of the things that we’ll be talking about with brands this […]


Twitter Success Pushes PeopleTV To Launch “Chatter”

As media companies, Meredith and Bloomberg may seem to have little in common. But the lifestyle publisher has just taken a leaf out of the business network’s playbook – by launching a new streaming video partnership on Twitter. At the same time as turning its PeopleTV in to a full24-hour linear TV channel through FuboTV, […]


Time Inc.’s Andrew Snyder On Bridging Digital, Augmented Reality And Legacy Print

CANNES – What does drinking beer and scaling Mt. Everest have in common? For Sports Illustrated, it was an issue dedicated to augmented reality with Coors Light tagging along in a “high-touch, custom-created solution.” The May 8 issue of SI was an AR-lover’s dream as it enabled readers to scan its content without the use […]


Yahoo Expands Programmatic Video Ad Offering with Brightroll Integration, Andrew Snyder Explains

Yahoo’s acquisition late last year of programmatic video adtech company Brightroll means that the giant publisher will use data and analytics to target consumers with highly relevant video advertising, explains Yahoo’s Andrew Snyder, VP for Video Sales in this interview with Beet.TV The ability to both sell advertising direct to marketers —  and via programmatic, will  be one of […]