Index Exchange’s FreeWheel Integration Widens Access, Standards & Quality: Gardner

LONDON, UK — Ad exchange operator Index Exchange is broadening its access to streaming TV ad inventory in a new direct integration with TV ad-tech platform FreeWheel. The tie-up is seen as enhancing ad buyers’ access to premium inventory and diversifying demand sources for media owners. Speaking with me at The Future of TV Advertising […]


Raise Standards to Capitalize On CTV’s Growth: Index Exchange’s Alex Gardner

CANNES — Could 2.6 help the world achieve 1.5? Of course, the new OpenRTB protocol version 2.6 won’t help limit global average temperature increase to 1.5ºC by itself. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Alex Gardner, Chief Revenue Officer, Index Exchange, says it could help. Leaning in to CTV Released in 2022, OpenRTB 2.6 […]


CTV Combines High-Quality Content With Performance Insights: Index Exchange’s Alex Gardner

The growing number of households that are hooking up their televisions to the internet is producing vast amounts of data about what kinds of programming and advertising is being delivered to viewers. As marketers face greater pressure to produce measurable results and business outcomes from their campaigns, connected television (CTV) is adding a new dimension […]


Privacy Concerns Will Mean Healthier Ecosystem: Index Exchange’s Gardner

Europeans and companies that hold data about them woke up in a new world this morning. May 25 was the final deadline for compliance with the new GDPR. For ad-tech and marketing, GDPR seems to represent a threat to many of the advanced targeting techniques that have grown exploded in the last five years, many […]


Header 2.0 Puts Publishers Choice On The Server, Gardner Says

HOLLYWOOD — In the new programmatic buzzword of “header bidding”, publishers no longer have to run auctions for ad buys sequentially; they can audition multiple demand sources simultaneously, to get the highest price. The practice has been around a few years, but spent 2016 bedding in. In 2017, however, header bidding is changing. No longer confined […]