Sourcepoint Barokas’ Melds Ad Transactions To Beat Blockers

If you believe some of the market research about the prevalence of consumer ad blocking, the sky is falling on a publishing industry that has long depended on advertising. Those surveys may or may not be wholly accurate, but Ben Barokas is intent on solving the problem. Whilst working as general manager of marketplace development at Google, […]


Ad Blocking Now Mainstream But Needs Nuance: Ghostery’s Tillman

One of the leading companies powering content blocking software admits it was wrong to let users of one mobile ad blocking application block all mobile ads – but the fact so many users did is indicative of the state mobile advertisers have put themselves in. Ghostery makes a browser add-on that helps users see and control which companies can track […]


To Fend Off Fraud Robots, Buy Ads Direct: NYT’s Zimbalist

The sky is falling in ad land thanks to a combination of threats including non-human traffic, the practice in which nefarious publisher sites game ad views to reap revenue. But don’t paint all publishers with the same brush, says New York Times ad products SVP Michael Zimbalist. He notes a recent Association of National Advertising study that found […]


Ad Blocking Is Symptom Of Customer Abuse

According to PageFair’s latest report, ad blocking grew by 41% globally in the last 12 months and there are now 198 million active adblock users around the world. That fact is worrying advertisers. But what’s the reason? Over-zealous publishers who litter their pages with ads that clutter users’ experience, say a couple of executives who […]


Clean Up Mobile To Beat Ad Blockers: GroupM’s Montgomery

It’s no wonder so many people are blocking ads if the mobile content experience is so iffy, right? With increasingly-rich mobile ads trying hard to get more screen time as consumers browse the web or apps, would it help to just… ease off a bit? “Ad blocking has been around for years and years now – but […]


Ad Blocking is $22 Billion Problem but Skippable Video Ads Work

COLOGNE –  Based on its most current studies, some 200 million people worldwide are using ad blocking software which is leading to loss in unrealized revenue of $22 billion in revenue for publishers, according Johnny Ryan, Innovation Leader at Pagefair, a company that provides ad blocking solutions.  The study was done jointly with Adobe. Factors […]


Outbrain Wants To Build A Web Canvas For Brand Stories

The content recommendation engine Outbrain has become known for providing related links to more articles at the foot of news stories. Now it wants to think bigger – and, it seems, more visually – about how it helps advertisers communicate. The New York- and Tel Aviv-based company has hired Pinterest marketing partnerships head Eric Hadley to […]


GroupM Ad Ops Chief Joe Barone on Ad-Blocking: Industry Challenges and Solutions

When Apple brings iOS 9 out of beta on September 16, many in digital advertising fear the pillars of their kingdom could begin to crumble. For, the latest version of the mobile operating system includes a content blocking architecture that could allow developers to release ad-blocking extensions for download by users. Some in advertising are jumping to act. […]


Ad-Blocking Fears Are Overblown: Pivotal’s Wieser

CANNES — Over the last couple of years, ad buyers have fought hard against the perceived threat from fraudsters cheating them out of ad impressions. Now some feel Apple is about to exactly the same. Under iOS 9, the Safari web browser will support extensions that enable “a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, […]