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How Blockgraph Works: Schleider Combines ISP & TV Data

LOS ANGELES -- After the cryptocurrency hype, many people now know what a blockchain is. But what exactly is Blockgraph? In this recorded interview with Mediatel Events director Justin Lebbon for Beet Retreat Santa Monica, Aleck Schleider, chief revenue officer at Blockgraph, explained how the company's technology works. Ledger in the cloud Originally set up in 2017 by Comcast’s FreeWheel to help advertisers go [...]


WarnerMedia Picks iSpot.TV, VideoAmp, Comscore For Cross-Screen TV Measurement

Amid a tumultuous period in which its owner AT&T agreed to spin it out into a merger with Discovery, WarnerMedia has set itself up to count its audiences across platforms, by announcing the winners of a beauty contest. WarnerMedia has picked Comscore, iSpot.TV and VideoAmp from a field of up to around a dozen hopefuls that had vied to solve its [...]


FreeWheel Names Mark McKee As General Manager to Oversee Global Operations

FreeWheel promoted Mark McKee to general manager to oversee all parts of the advertising technology company, which is a unit of Comcast. In this new role, McKee is in charge of FreeWheel's sales, product, engineering, operations and support services worldwide, the company announced. He succeeds Dave Clark, who announced his departure after leading FreeWheel since 2017. McKee previously was FreeWheel’s U.S. chief [...]


‘Comscore Everywhere’ Befriends Fragmentation With Cross-Screen Measurement

In response to the cry for standardization of complex, proliferating media metrics, a growing glut of cross-platform currencies is expanding by the week. In the latest such announcement, Comscore is launching Comscore Everywhere, what it's calling "a true single-source unified cross-platform measurement solution". In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore CEO Bill Livek explains the rationale. Common dataset Comscore Everywhere is a unification of [...]


Data Clean Rooms Will Strengthen Ad Targeting: Disney’s Laura Nelson

LOS ANGELES – Data clean rooms that allow media buyers and sellers to match their consumer data without directly sharing it with each other are emerging as powerful tools in the advertising market. The technology promises to correlate target audiences with campaign messaging, improving the efficiency of marketing budgets. Disney Advertising Sales is harnessing clean-room solutions to help brands reach consumers [...]


TV Ad Prices Won’t ‘Race to the Bottom’ Like Digital Display: Dish Media’s Kevin Arrix

LOS ANGELES – Media buyers and sellers fret that intermediaries in the programmatic advertising market are charging excessive fees, resulting in a “tech tax” that drains media budgets. These commissions are likely to fall as ad-tech companies seek greater scale, said Kevin Arrix, senior vice president of Dish Media, at Beet.TV’s Beat Retreat. “The pressure is going to continue to force [...]


In-Game Ads Reach Highly Engaged Audience: Frameplay’s Cary Tilds

LOS ANGELES – As video game publishers seek more ways to monetize their content, in-game advertising is seen as a source for growth. Because playing video games demands a person’s undivided attention, they can provide brands with a way to raise awareness and recall. Video games are “one of the most scaleable, cinematic, high-quality content channels you can possibly engage with,” [...]


NBC’s ‘Big Leap Forward’: ‘NBCUnified’ Data On 200M+ Consumers

The company had already streamlined its considerable ad sales offering as ertising/oneplatform/. Now NBCUniversal is consolidating the under-the-hood data that powers it all. In this video interview with Beet.TV, John Lee, Chief Data Officer, NBCUniversal, details the company's newly-launched data platform, dubbed "NBCUnified". Data difference The new NBCUnified platform comprises NBCU ID, Data Marketplace and Partner Integrations. Whilst NBCUniversal has had a data offering for [...]


SpringServe Is Magnite’s Springboard For Improving CTV Ad Experience

LOS ANGELES -- In a nascent market replete with both opportunity and inertia, there is always a need to smooth off the rough edges. That is why Sean Buckley's company acquired video ad-serving platform last year. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, CTV, Magnite, explains how SpringServe can help catapult CTV fortunes. Magnite's attraction SpringServe’s technology handles inventory routing, customized [...]


UK’s Cross-Media Initiative ‘Origin’ In The Build Phase: ISBA’s Taylor

The UK advertising industry is steadily pushing forward with an initiative to implement a common approach to measuring media consumption across screens. Led by the ISBA (Incorporated Society of British Advertisers) trade body, Project Origin has brought together advertisers, platforms, broadcasters and media agencies. In this video interview with The Project X Institute executive director Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Sam Taylor, Head [...]


Measurement Standards Will Help Support Ad Spending: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

LOS ANGELES – Viewers are dividing their time spent with video content among a wider variety of devices and platforms, challenging advertisers to measure reach and frequency more accurately. ViacomCBS supports efforts to create a cross-platform currency for the media marketplace alongside its development of its Vantage platform for advanced advertising. “Optimization, targeting – all this stuff – is probably further [...]


IAS CEO Utzschneider Welcomes 2022 With New “Context”

Having raised $270 million from an IPO in 2021, ad verification company Integral Ad Science (IAS) is continuing an acquisition trail designed to accelerate key growth areas. The company has acquired Context, a Paris-based digital content classification company. Here is is the press release. In this video interview with Beet.TV, IAS CEO Lisa Utzschneider explains where the acquisition fits in. Building the classification [...]


Cross-Media Currency Is Within Reach: Havas’s Diana Bernstein

LOS ANGELES – Advertisers, marketers and measurement companies agree on the need for a cross-media currency for buying and selling video advertising. However, they’ve been frustrated as the media landscape has grown more fragmented, and walled-garden environments hinder audience measurement. Diana Bernstein, executive vice president and managing director of investment at Havas Media Group, is optimistic that the media and marketing [...]


DTC Brands Embrace CTV for Ad Campaigns: NBCUniversal’s Scott Berger

LOS ANGELES – The growth in e-commerce has spawned a variety of digitally native and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. As those marketers grow, they are developing television advertising campaigns to reach a wider group of potential customers. “We’re all customers in the direct-to-consumer space. The idea of going directly to a store is no longer the only way we’re interacting with our [...]


Forward-Looking Brands Are Focused on Ad Outcomes: Publicis’s Nicole Whitesel

LOS ANGELES – Marketers have more ways to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns with strategies that consider business outcomes. This transformation is affecting the way agencies work with clients and their media partners. “I would love to be able to spend less of my day thinking about strategic ways to work with the sell side…and focus more on solving [...]


Demand Is Growing for Free Streaming with Ads: Roku’s Julian Mintz

LOS ANGELES – Consumers are reaching their limit on how much they’re willing to pay for monthly subscriptions to streaming video services. Those budgetary constraints are pushing many of them to seek out advertising-supported platforms that are free to watch. “What we’ve found in the past few years is that free content is growing extremely fast. For a long time, the [...]


A Basket Of Currencies, Complete Coverage: Comscore’s Livek On The Future Of Measurement

LOS ANGELES -- Bill Livek didn't ask for much for Christmas this year - only a revolution to ensure that every TV set in every room in America is fully measured. At Beet Retreat Santa Monica in November, there was a growing belief that the TV industry, which had long depended solely on Nielsen's panel ratings, needs to evolve to accommodate [...]


Addressability Is Going Up The Funnel: Ampersand’s Barnet

LOS ANGELES -- The ability to precision-target and measure connected TV ad exposure, all the way through to metrics like website visitation or purchase, has lit up the prospect of TV becoming a digital-like performance marketing medium. But one man at the center of the medium's evolution says the opportunity is still well serving brand-building goals. In this video interview with Zach [...]


From Quality To Quantity: How Conviva Became A Video Measurement Powerhouse

LOS ANGELES -- When is a stream not a stream? When the streams are played by viewers using a plethora of different devices. That creates a measurement problem for streaming platforms and their advertisers. But one company that has been monitoring streaming quality for two decades says it has the answer. In this video interview with Zach Rodgers at Beet.TV's Beet Retreat, [...]


Multi-Variant CTV Ads Create A Solvable Headache: Peach’s Regensburger

LONDON - When TV ads came in just one flavor, things were more straightforward. Now that connected TV offers the possibility to target custom creatives at distinct micro-audiences, things are getting a little more complicated. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ben Regensburger, CEO of Peach, a TV ad creative distribution company, discusses the possible solutions. Channels' challenges "We've had a sizeable increase in [...]