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AI Will Drive Creative Advertising with Consumer’s Privacy and Preference: Execs from Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker, Xaxis and IBM Watson Advertising

In the emerging age of "responsible media", you could be forgiven for thinking that marketers would want to exert more human control over production and placement. But, increasingly, artificial intelligence algorithms are proving they can restore the primacy of ad creative. That is what a host of industry executives discussed when they gathered on June 23 for the Global Forum on Responsible [...]


Customized Ads at Scale Are Key to Optimized Video Campaigns: GroupM’s Liza Davidian

Advertisers that are seeking to optimize their video campaigns among a variety of media channels should develop a strategy to personalize their messaging as consumers come into the purchase funnel. Those media channels include the growing number of ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services that have premium programming. “When I think about ways to optimize video content, I think about customization [...]


#BeetCast Replay: Andre Swanston: Angels Saved My Start-up as VC’s Shut the Door

He had a successful exit when his start-up Tru Optik was sold to data giant Transunion last year. But it was tough sledding, building an advanced media data business five years ago. Now a super-hot sector, Andre was ahead of his time. While he made early progress with product development and industry partnerships, funded from a few early stage angel investors, access to [...]


“Don’t Be Naive” About the Impact of Media on Society , Irwin Gotlieb

It has been an incendiary few years, with an increasingly partisan society, campaigns to stop hate and an advertising industry that has struggled to reconcile its own aversion to controversy with behaving responsibly. Beyond aligning with a variety of social causes, the second half of COVID-19's first year seemed to create a realization that media buyers did not need to have [...]


‘Here To Stay’: Innovid CEO Netter Does IPO To Put CTV Vision In Public Gaze

Some revolutions happen very slowly - and then in a sudden crash of euphoria. That is what seems to be happening with internet-connected T right now - and that's what is happening for Innovid, too. The ad delivery and measurement platform for connected TV has been working in the area for 14 years. Now, with the CTV waves crashing ashore, it is going [...]


Global Forum on Responsible Media – Watch the Program on Demand

This is the Global Forum on Responsible Media, which was originally streamed on June 23. You can watch the full program here, on this page. Please find information on the event including the speakers and agenda here. Please follow and join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn by using #ResponsibleMedia This program is presented by Beet.TV and GroupM with the 4A's. It is sponsored [...]


Taking A Stand: Finecast’s Jakob Nielsen Spends Responsibly On CTV

LONDON - Give ad spend direct to broadcasters and responsible companies, not the new generation of CTV fraudsters. That is the message from the connected TV division of the world's biggest media buying agency. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Finecast CEO Jakob Nielsen says it is safer and more responsible to swerve open CTV marketplaces. From linear to CTV "Linear TV will stop [...]


The New Majority: MediaCom’s Prabhu Aims To Make Advertising Addressable

There's a growing theory that diminishing views to ad-funded content may be offset by increased effectiveness from targeting and personalizing those ads. But that is only going to come about if ad production and delivery channels are themselves wired up to support this addressability. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Anush Prabhu, US Chief Strategy Officer and Global Chief Strategy Officer, Creative [...]


Making Media Responsible: Rallying Around Essential Conversations on June 23, Kirk McDonald Explains

GroupM has taken a stand on what it calls media responsibility, outlining a framework of five key pillars. This initiative is the basis of a half-day Global Forum on June 23, produced by Beet.TV in collaboration with GroupM and the 4A's. We spoke with Kirk McDonald, CEO of GroupM NA about the event and his hope that the dialogue coming out [...]


Panel Data Provide More Complete Picture of Consumer Habits: Nielsen’s Kimberly Gilberti

Consumers have more ways to find their favorite programming among viewing devices and services. The growing fragmentation of the media market challenges advertisers to obtain a more unified view of people's viewing habits. "The lines between what traditionally has been referred to as 'television' or 'digital' are becoming increasingly blurred," Kimberly Gilberti, senior vice president of product management at ratings company [...]


#BeetCast: Investing in Diversity Needs More Inclusive Planning and Measurement, Spark Foundry’s Jason Smith

While we are focused this week on our June 23 Responsible Media event around initiatives from GroupM, other media agencies charting their own course to to a more inclusive, sustainable media landscape. In this week’s episode of the #BeetCast we explore the topic through the initiatives of the Publicis Groupe and the Spark Foundry agency. Our guest is Jason Smith, President, [...]


Ad-Supported TV Faces Major Threat Amid Shift in Viewing Habits: Essence’s Adam Gerber

Ad-supported television faces an existential threat as more consumers avoid commercials by subscribing to streaming video services that offer an ad-free experience. That ongoing shift will challenge marketers to adopt new ways of doing things. "There's one over-arching thing we all need to recognize, which is that the old model doesn't work," Adam Gerber, global chief investment officer at Essence, a [...]


‘Data Artistry’ Unlocks Context & Cohorts: Mindshare’s Clayton’s Post-Cookie Dreams

As digital ad identifiers like cookies decline in value, advertisers are being forced to look back to what many consider the old-school art of contextual ad placement. But, infused by software, context is a tactic that, whilst it appeals to audience's emotions, can also be super-charged by programmatic. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sean Clayton, executive director, solutions officer at WPP's [...]


Ad Fraud, Viewability Are Still Key Concerns for Advertisers: Essence’s Adam Gerber

WPP's GroupM seeks to make advertising work better for everyone — marketers, consumers and media — with a media-buying framework it calls "Responsible Investment." The effort aims to advance brand safety, data ethics, responsible journalism, sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion. Improving the media ecosystem requires tackling ad fraud and improving measurement methods to help understand consumer engagement with media, Adam [...]


Bringing Addressable To Local TV: Premion’s Vilade

When the industry talks about advanced ad targeting, it is often the big national networks and publishers that get first-look. But spreading the benefits of targeting and measurement in streaming and connected TV is important for local TV operators, too. In this video interview with Beet.TV, John Vilade, head of sales at TV proprietor TEGNA's Premion division explains why. Pandemic progress "Streaming had been [...]


AI Helps Brands Re-Focus On Creative: IBM’s Redmond

So many in the industry have become accustomed to utilizing data-driven software for optimizing outcomes in performance-driven marketing. But, for one man, that overlooks the latent promise of data to improve the initial awareness at the point brands first meet audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Robert Redmond, IBM Design Principal, Head of AI Ad Product Design, says machine learning now [...]


Vevo Partners Up To Make IP The New Prime-Time: Christensen

Vevo is assembling an ad-tech supergroup as it partners-up to strike the right note in its journey to a connected TV (CTV) future. The music video service was once weighted heavily toward online and on-demand viewing. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, Vevo advanced TV VP Rob Christensen says CTV is exploding. CTV booming "Prior to the pandemic, when you look at five [...]


Local TV Is Alive With Value: MadHive’s Helfgott

These days, many of the headlines about TV networks' advanced advertising technology solutions concern big national players. But, under the hood of the TV industry, local players still have tremendous value. So says a man whose technology is helping local TV providers bring more value, in turn, to their advertisers. Value in local "If we help the broadcast groups that are working with local [...]


‘We Kicked Off Our First Meeting for Upfront 2022’: Disney’s Lisa Valentino

Disney is already looking ahead to 2022 as this year's upfront sales season wraps up. The media giant got an early start this year with its first presentation in February that included the rollout of a programmatic platform called Disney Real-Time Ad Exchange (DRAX). "We felt it was important to start the conversations early, both with clients and our agency partners," [...]


On the #BeetCast: Dentsu Media’s Doug Rozen on the Imperative around “Meaningful Media”

This week our guest is Doug Rozen, CEO of Dentsu Media Americas. Doug has been a media innovator for many years. We’ve covered him extensively at OMD then 360i and now as the newly named head of media at Dentsu Americas. Doug articulates the vision of his company as becoming more meaningful to the consumer and to brands. He speaks about [...]