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Addressable Advertising Marks Convergence of Linear, CTV: Execs from Beachfront, Vizio, Digitas, Discovery, Canoe, Vevo, The Trade Desk and Premion

Addressable advertising on linear TV is a culmination of efforts to combine the reach of broadcasters with the targeting of digital platforms. Addressable TV also will drive greater adoption of programmatic media buying as advertisers seek more flexibility with their campaigns. Addressable Ads Growing on Linear TV Chris Maccaro, chief executive of Beachfront Media “We’re most excited about accelerating addressability across traditional linear, [...]


VideoAmp Joins Data In Snowflake’s Cloud For Privacy-Driven Insights: CEO McCray

In the latest indication that ad-tech companies are trying to make ad targeting more privacy-compliant in the new regulatory environment, VideoAmp has struck a partnership it says changes the way data comes together. VideoAmp will work with Snowflake, a cloud data storage company, to offer "multi-party cloud environments" for data collaboration - effectively, a way of pooling audience data with rules [...]


‘Fear of Missing Out Is Not a Marketing Strategy’: Pearle Vision’s Doug Zarkin

Marketers are looking for more ways to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, especially amid the drastic change in consumer habits during the pandemic. For Pearle Vision, one of the biggest franchised optical retailers in North America, results are measured in the number of patients who visit their stores. “The expectations right now is that vendors are bringing us opportunities [...]


CTV Unlocks More Detailed Audience Insights: Samba TV’s Kris Magel

The growth in the audience for connected TV (CTV) is creating more opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers, especially younger people who spend less time with linear TV. Advertisers face challenges in measuring the rapid change in viewing activity, as Kris Magel knows. He joined Samba TV, the provider of omniscreen advertising and analytics, in July as vice president and head [...]


Branded Content Boosts Engagement With Viewers: Roku’s Chris Bruss

Consumers are exposed to hundreds advertising messages every day, challenging brands to cut through the clutter. Branded content is one way that marketers can integrate their messaging with programming that draws viewers. Roku, the maker of streaming devices that connect TVs to the internet, this year formed the Roku Brand Studio to help advertisers create branded experiences. It signed a deal [...]


TransUnion’s New TruAudience Suite Views Identity In “3D”: Spiegel

CHICAGO - After a series of acquisitions in the last couple of years, consumer data company TransUnion is wrapping its units together into one, and "retiring" three former brands. The company had acquired Tru Optik, Signal Digital and TruSignal, as it built out its own ambition to provide consumer and household data to power ad targeting. Now it is bundling them [...]


AI Helps In-Flight Optimization for Campaigns: VMLY&R’s Jennifer Kohl

Advertisers have access to more sophisticated tools to help them optimize their campaigns, amid challenges such as privacy regulations and the loss of online tracking methods like third-party cookies. Measuring the effectiveness of advertising includes more key performance indicators (KPIs) like customer lifetime value, conversions and return on investment. “We’re looking more at first-party data to ensure we’re prepared as we [...]


Partnerships, Automation Underpin Future of Advanced TV: Execs from Comcast Technology Solutions, , GroupM, NBCUniversal, AMC, Publicis, OMD

Advertisers need to come together with media, measurement and ad-tech companies to support the growth in advanced TV. Their partnerships will lead to greater automation and better outcomes that drive more investment in advertising as linear TV and digital video converge. Interoperability Is Great Unifier Kevin Lemberg, head of partnerships for advertising solutions at Comcast Technology Solutions “There has to be some sort [...]


What’s The Frequency? Innovid / ANA Study Uncovers CTV Measurement Patterns

With traditional TV viewership declining, ad executives are looking to internet-connected TV (CTV) to pick up the slack. But, whilst CTV purports to enhance reach and control the frequency of ad exposure, what is the reality? That is the question CTV ad software supplier Innovid set out to answer when it undertook research into the area, conducted with the Association of National [...]


Advertisers Will Soon Prioritize Addressable TV Over Linear: Finecast’s Harry Harcus

LONDON – The growth in streaming video platforms will reach a point where advertisers make addressable TV central to their media planning. The ability to reach target audiences with more customized messaging will drive this shift, said Harry Harcus, managing director of WPP-owned addressable TV company Finecast. “We’re going to reach a point soon-ish, I would say, of mass scale,” he [...]


From Defense To Offense: Pixability’s Duffy Flips CTV Suitability On Its Head

When TV viewing and advertising begins to look and function like digital advertising, how safe is the environment for brands to be in? Brand safety concerns once plagued digital display and online video inventory. They have been somewhat soothed by brand safety software. But, as conected TV rises, some of the same concerns are arriving on TV now. CTV hits prime-time In this video [...]


‘We’re Moving From Outputs to Outcomes’: 4A’s Marla Kaplowitz

The fragmentation of the media marketplace has challenged advertisers to develop improved methodologies to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. The demand for outcomes-based metrics also has increased as consumer spending habits have changed during the pandemic. “We are moving from outputs to outcomes,” Marla Kaplowitz, president and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), said in this interview [...]


Ad-Tech M&A Is Back, Thanks To SPAC: Progress Partners’ MacShane

It's the hot new financing trend for ad-tech companies hoping to go public, but what exactly is a SPAC? Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are becoming a popular way to do an IPO. It is "essentially a shell company set up by investors with the sole purpose of raising money through an IPO to eventually acquire another company", reports CNBC. It's how [...]


Data Applications Aren’t Limited to Cross-Screen Currency: LiveRamp’s Christine Grammier

Consumers are dividing their time among linear TV and newer streaming channels, spurring discussion about a cross-screen currency for measurement. But data and metrics have many other applications for businesses, said Christine Grammier, head of TV measurement at data connectivity platform LiveRamp. “We see a vast ecosystem that uses data and metrics in different ways, not just for currency,” she said in this interview [...]


Four Reasons Why IAS Is Buying Publica: IAS CEO Utzschneider

A month after raising $270 million in its IPO, ad verification company Integral Ad Science (IAS) is spending almost that much to buy a further step into the world of connected TV (CTV). IAS announced it had acquired Publica, a CTV ads server platform, for $220 million in cash and stock. Now it plans to launch "a comprehensive brand safety and suitability [...]


The Four Pillars Of A Clean Ad Supply Framework: 4As’ Karandikar

In 2021, digital ad supply isn't enough. Today, ad buyers want to know the provenance, the pathway and the performance of that inventory. If those are the three Ps of the practice known as supply path optimization (SPO), then here is another framework. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ashwini Karandikar, EVP, Media, Technology, Data of the American Association of Advertising Agencies [...]


Integral Ad Science Acquires Programmatic Sell-side Provider Publica for $220 Million

Integral Ad Science, today announced that it has acquired Publica, the connected TV (CTV) advertising platform, in a cash and stock transaction valued at $220 million. With this acquisition, IAS is accelerating its CTV strategy to help publishers better monetize their video programming across CTV devices, while building new tools to provide advertisers with much-needed transparency into the quality of [...]


Measure Cross-Screen Impact, Not Just Delivery: Wavemaker’s Nancy Beekman

The fragmentation of the media market has pushed advertisers to find ways to reach consumers among more devices, and determine which ones produce the best results. This approach to cross-screen measurement reflects changes in viewing habits. “When we plan media on behalf of our clients, we don’t plan them in channel siloes. We plan across multiple screens, because that’s where media [...]


The #BeetCast Season Finale: It’s Time for Facebook to Be Responsible, Lou Paskalis

I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. All is well here. We are going to slow down a bit for the second part of August and ramp up fast after Labor Day. We are taking a break from the BeetCast. We are finishing up the season with this episode and will be back on September 13. And what a way [...]


Demand Grows for Outcomes-Based Ad Metrics: Roku’s Gaurav Shirole

Advertisers have a growing number of ways to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns as more consumers spend time with connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. Roku, the maker of a popular video streaming device, has added to its menu of measurement services as marketers demand more outcomes-based metrics. “We’ve expanded the roster of third-party measurement partners that we [...]