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Bologna Ready To Release CTV’s ‘Commercials On Steroids’

Mike Bologna is expecting a speed of industry change appropriate for someone just named "chief accelerator". The advanced TV industry veteran recently joined BrightLine, which offers ad formats for connected TV, after previous stints at HyphaMetrics, one2one Media, MODI Media and GroupM. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Bologna explains why this year's upfronts TV ad sales season heralds a big moment. CTV's [...]


Through The Looking Glass: VIZIO’s Norcross Fuels The Future

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Thew new ability of TV manufacturers to understand exactly what happens on their customers TV sets is changing the business of ad targeting and analytics. Now, ad buyers can plan campaigns based on known consumption patterns, and can pay for them based on known outcomes. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ken Norcross, Senior Director, Data Strategy, [...]


Commerce Media Pull Brands Closer to Digital Shoppers: Criteo’s Brian Gleason

Brands have a growing opportunity to lead consumers through the purchase funnel as commerce media provide them with multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions generate data that can help to sharpen their marketing strategies. “Retailers like Target have this tremendous environment where they invite consumers into their store every day online,” Brian Gleason, global chief revenue officer at ad-tech company Criteo, said [...]


Ad Creative & Media Context Work Together to Drive Results: Century 21’s Enrique Carlos

Marketers want their advertising campaigns to reach consumers when they’re in the best frame of mind to receive messages about a brand or offer. The media context for an ad always has been important, but was overshadowed as advertisers relied on other data signals from tracking cookies and device identifiers to improve their digital ad targeting. The gradual disappearance of third-party [...]


NBCU Offers Brands Shoppability With New Ad Offerings

These days, it isn't just content that gets an annual showcase moment. For NBCUniversal, the software is the star, too. A week after presenting its programming roster to ad buyers at its Peacock Upfront, the company is also unveiling the full list of its 2022 Commercial Innovations, a slew of ad formats. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Collette Winn, VP, Strategy [...]


Outcome Guarantees Remain Challenging for TV Advertising: Magna’s Molly Finnerty

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - As much as advertisers may want more data to demonstrate the efficacy of their advertising campaigns on television, such guarantees are still somewhat elusive. That leaves other considerations such as contextual information and traditional measures of audience demographics. “We are still just too heavy in our age-sex demo guarantees,” Molly Finnerty, senior vice president of strategic investment [...]


Prioritize Addressable: DISH’s Schweitzer Urges Buyers To Reboot

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Lauren Schweitzer is seeing TV ad buying changing fast - but she knows buyers could be benefitting even more. The media landscape is marked out by a transition from linear TV consumption and ad buying, to on-demand, IP-delivered, addressable delivery. Schweitzer, GM, sales, DISH Network, says ad planners and buyers need to go faster. Beyond legacy In this video [...]


Partnerships Make All TV’s Boats Rise: Paramount’s Zilberbrand

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Julian Zilberbrand knows a thing or two about uniting companies' different interests. As EVP advanced media at ViacomCBS, he led the development of advanced TV ad strategy in the company combining Viacom and CBS, and previously at Viacom itself. Now at the rebranded Paramount, Zilberbrand says the advanced TV opportunity is about ensuring everyone benefits. Partnering-up "We are a multi-layered [...]


De-risk Upfront Buys With New Currencies: Samba TV’s Navin

As the annual upfront and NewFronts ad sales seasons get underway, Ashwin Navin has a message for buyers – your spend is at risk. Somewhere around $20 billion is expected to be committed during the Upfronts. But Navin, CEO & Co-Founder of Samba TV, warns many ad buyers may risk over-spending if they don't use a network that is de-duplicating cross-platform reach [...]


Twitter Aligns with & NBCU for New Measurement Initiative

Twitter returned to this week's IAB NewFronts digital ad showcase touting new and extended premium-publisher tie-ups to potential advertisers. The social network first used the event in 2017. This time, it is also announcing a deal with and NBCU. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Sarah Rosen, Head of US Content Partnerships, explains the highlights of Twitter's pitch. Tech tools Twitter is becoming [...]


Amid Streaming’s Growth, Don’t Neglect Cable Households: Digitas’s Lindsey Carner Kroll

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - National television networks are gradually adding addressable advertising capabilities to show different ads to different households during the same shows. When fully implemented, addressable TV will offer audience targeting that’s comparable to digital video platforms. “We're at this really interesting inflection point in the world of video where addressable television and these types of opportunities are [...]


Marketers Seek ROI Metrics From Retail Media: Dentsu’s Keith Camoosa

Retailers that sell advertising space on their websites and mobile apps have the power to collect enormous amounts of data about the buying habits of their customers. That information can help marketers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) to hone their digital media-buying strategies. “The rise of retailer data is complementing and filling that gap from a targeting and a measurement perspective,” [...]


Roku Promises ‘Frictionless Retail’ with Roku Pay

As far back as the 1990s and earlier, futuristic forecasts of "interactive TV" - with remote-control shopping experiences - were everywhere. Those predictions came true, but mostly on other screens - laptops, tablets and smartphones. But now shoppable TV is having a moment - and this time the hype is real. QR codes, another technology which once looked to have been over-estimated, [...]


Peacock Preens For Performance With New Ad Manager

NBCUniversal doesn't only want TV to be used as a brand-building medium. It is also going after the other end of the funnel. In a new move, the company is making a strategic investment in TV ad-tech software vendor tvScientific to launch Peacock Ad Manager, a new self-service ad-buying platform with attribution. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joe Cady, EVP, Advanced [...]


Addressable Ads Demand Big Data Approach to TV Ratings: Omnicom’s Ben Hovaness

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Changes in people’s television viewing habits and the growth of data captured from connected devices like smart TVs are influencing the way audiences are measured. A variety of startups have emerged to offer alternate metrics to help set the value of advertising transactions, challenging marketers to evaluate which ones work best. “Landrushes happen when there’s a moment [...]


Finecast’s Progress: Taking Advanced TV Ads To 14 Markets

LONDON - It started with an aim to stitch together the advanced TV ad targeting opportunity in its native UK. Now GroupM's Finecast is embarking on a global roll-out, intent on driving up the commercial potential of the channel. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Finecast's CEO Nicola Lewis explains the expansion. Helping advertisers "What we do is enable advertisers to deliver messaging to [...]


First-Party Data, Media Context & Ad Creative Have Key Roles in Cookie-Less Future: Molson Coors’s Brad Feinberg

Gathering data directly from consumers has become a bigger priority for marketers as they not only comply with stricter privacy laws, but also find ways to harness first-party information. Google’s plan to stop supporting tracking cookies in its popular Chrome browser and Apple’s steps to curb the sharing of device identifiers are pushing marketers to cultivate other data signals from [...]


The Recipe For A New Currency: Comscore’s Wilson

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - In 2022, media owners are testing out a host of new measurement and currency options. All of that is aimed at weaning the industry off its historic reliance on panels. But what exactly will currency success look like? In this video interview with Beet.TV's Rob Williams at Beet Retreat San Juan, Chris Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer, Comscore, [...]


Stream On: IAB NewFronts Goes Hybrid In CTV Boom

After a couple of pandemic-impacted years, the IAB's annual showcase for publishers to pitch their upcoming digital content slates to advertisers is getting underway. Dubbed "Stream On", IAB's NewFronts, aimed ad brand marketers and agency professionals, runs May 2 to 5 as what IAB CEO David Cohen calls a "hybrid" event. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cohen also reveals how connected [...]


Dynamic Ad Creative Could Boost Diversity:’s Maestre

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - In an era when ads can target individuals' attributes, what is it going to take for more of them to appeal to minority characteristics? In this video interview with Beet.TV at Beet Retreat San Juan, one executive bemoaned insufficient diversity in the advanced TV workplace - and said things need to change. VP creative solutions Gabriela [...]