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Consumer Focus Drives Omnichannel Strategy: Forrester’s Jim Nail

BOSTON - An omnichannel advertising strategy starts with the understanding that putting consumers first drives every other decision about how to reach them among a growing number of media channels. Implementing such a strategy can be challenging inside corporations with varied marketing teams that compete for internal resources while also focusing on different media outlets."Each team is trying to optimize their channel and budget," Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester Research, said in this episode of “Delivering on the Promise [...]


‘People Want Seamless Interaction with Companies and Media’: Publicis Advisor Tobaccowala

CHICAGO - The transformation of the media marketplace from analog to digital is bringing advertisers a few steps closer to the goal of unifying the omnichannel universe.Out-of-home advertising and experiential marketing are the remaining outliers in the analog world, though they increasingly are being integrated with digital platforms through mobile devices and social media, despite the disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic."In the analog world, it's becoming primarily place or event-based — once placed events come back — but placed events [...]


Paid Social Requires ‘Being a Strategist at Heart’: Essence’s Deborah King

LONDON - Social media usage has surged during the coronavirus pandemic as homebound consumers rely on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to stay connected with the outside world. As marketers seek to reach those consumers, they face the daunting task of creating omnichannel campaigns among "walled gardens" that aren't readily transparent and have overlapping audiences."We would like to have cross-channel attribution, reach and frequency, and control," Deborah King, vice president of media activation paid social for the EMEA [...]


We Will Overcome Ad Identity Challenges: Oracle’s Langel

In the ad industry, as in society at large, fissures are everywhere.Deprecation of third-party cookies, Apple's decision to up-end its IDFA mobile targeting system, the COVID-19 pandemic and civil rights protests - these factors and more mean the industry is going through one of its most turbulent periods.But Chris Langel thinks what lies on the other side of traditional ad-tech infrastructure being up-ended is an opportunity.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chris Langel, VP and GM of measurement at Oracle [...]


AI, Advertising & The Identity Era: IBM’s Bachstein

You don't need an algorithm to tell you the US west coast is ablaze this week - but the advertising business, too, is being set alight.Opt-in privacy legislation, deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple ripping up the fabric of iOS ad tracking all pose a threat to the norms of digital ad targeting.Sheri Bachstein thinks artificial intelligence can help.In this video interview with Beet.TV, the Global Head of Watson Advertising and IBM's The Weather Company, says the changes will improve [...]


TV Nets Now Agile, Flexible with Upfront at a Pivot Point, GM CMO Deborah Wahl

DETROIT - This year's upfront sales season for broadcast television marked a significant change in how marketers buy media placements, with the uncertainties of the coronavirus pandemic driving a demand for greater flexibility.For Deborah Wahl, global chief marketing officer of automotive giant General Motors, the rapidly changing media marketplace has pushed the automotive giant to harness data and analytics to help ensure its marketing supports its sales efforts at all stages of the car-buying process."This upfront is a true pivot [...]


Advertisers Must Stop The Rot Of ‘Truth Decay’: TRUSTX’s Kohl

Advertisers must accept their responsibility to continue funding journalism that plays a vital civic role - and their ROI shows it's worth it.That is the view of the man who runs a premium private marketplace jointly owned by some of America's leading news publishers.For news organizations, this year's advertising outlook turned down thanks to a confluence of COVID-19, a charged political climate and ongoing competition from tech platforms.In this video interview with Beet.TV, David Kohl, president and CEO of, TRUSTX, [...]


Unlocking the “Five I’s” of Omnichannel Advertising: Mediaocean’s Neuhauser

CHICAGO - Omnichannel marketing has become more challenging as viewing habits change, especially amid the disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic. With more people consuming media on smartphones and through connected TVs, marketers must quickly adapt their strategies to reach their most likely customers.It's helpful to remember the "Five I's"  when it comes to omnichannel marketing, Lance Neuhauser, president of advertising software platform Mediaocean, said in this episode of "Delivering on the Promise of Omnichannel Advertising," a Beet.TV series presented by [...]


‘Next-Gen TV Is Top Priority’ Amid Rapid Changes: Mediaocean’s Anupam Gupta

SEATTLE - The omnichannel universe gets more fragmented every year, challenging marketers to reach audiences among a wider variety of media channels. Software platform Mediaocean aims to help advertisers and their agencies manage their campaigns in that more complex environment, having recently acquired 4C Insights to provide more in-depth data analysis."Our vision is to provide the best independent platform for agencies and for advertisers for omnichannel buying," Anupam Gupta, chief product officer at Mediaocean said in this episode of "Delivering [...]


Apple’s IDFA Move Means Fragmentation: Kinesso’s Johnson

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple's decision to rip up the fabric of iPhone ad targeting will force marketers to seek out alternative methods that include closer, more direct relationships with users.The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, to a default opt-in.One Forrester analyst expects 70% of iPhone users may decide not to opt in, based on trends seen when iOS' Location Services also began [...]


Investment Bank LUMA Partners Launches Guide to Black-Founded & Owned Businesses

Having built essential industry investment/deal guides called "LUMAscapes," visual presentations of interrelated businesses in the media, marketing and  adtech industries, investment bank LUMA Partners has introduced the Black LUMAscape, a diagram and directory that charts scores of Black-owned and founded businesses.We spoke with LUMA founder and CEO Terry Kawaja about the new effort and his hopes that it drives more investment to these businesses.He told us that the reaction to the new project has been extremely positive and that a [...]


Leading Brands Follow Moviegoers Back to Theaters: NCM’s Cliff Marks

Labor Day weekend brought the reopening of thousands of movie theaters nationwide, giving advertisers a chance to reach audiences that had been starved of the movie-going experience for almost six months during pandemic lockdowns.For National CineMedia, which sells commercials that appear before the beginning of feature films, the reopenings of about 80% of U.S. theaters marked a breakthrough moment that sets the stage for future growth.The highly anticipated sci-fi action film "Tenet" finally opened after several delays, grossing a respectable [...]


Apple’s IDFA Change Forces App Makers To Re-Think User Journey: AppsFlyer’s Quinn

OAKLAND - Apple's decision to rip up the fabric of ad targeting on iOS devices will have big repercussions, forcing businesses to change both their revenue mode and their user experience.That is according to one executive whose company is now having to help app owners through the turbulence.The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, to a default opt-in.One Forrester analyst expects 70% [...]


How Havas Media Is Cleaning Up The ‘Bloated’ Ad Supply Chain

CHICAGO - It is now four years since a hard-hitting ANA report, K2, blew the lid off practices in which US advertising agencies were accused of keeping up to 20% of clients' media budgets for themselves after engaging in “pervasive” kick-backs and rebates.That report kicked off more industry transparency about, well, lack of transparency - including large-scale efforts to shine a spotlight on how a series of "ad-tech taxes" along the ad-tech vendor chain are continuing to mean haziness and [...]


After IDFA, An Opportunity For Real User Relationships: LiveRamp’s Clinger

SAN FRANCISCO - Apple is blowing up a key piece of infrastructure many advertisers use to target iOS users.But, whilst many in the industry are fearful of the impact of IDFA changes, a growing number are coming to believe they also represent an evolution toward a more-effective, more-robust and more-trustful relationship with audiences.The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, to a default [...]


COVID-19 Propelled Ads’ ‘Flight To Safety’: Tru Optik’s Swanston

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, we knew that global lockdown and economic threat would soon be detrimental to ad spending.But it seems not every platform has suffered from the virus' effects.In this video interview with Beet.TV, one ad-tech exec says streaming TV has actually seen positive COVID-19 growth. 'Flight to safety' "There was a lot of uncertainty and disruption, particularly in March and April, across the ecosystem with people pausing advertising and with COVID happening," says Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston."And then [...]


After Identity, Context Can Power Ads: News Corp’s Layser

The traditional fabric of digital ad targeting, identity, is being ripped up thanks to major changes. What could replace it?Deprecation of third-party cookies poses a profound threat to the accepted norms of ad targeting. now Apple is also turning off its IDFA, an iOS user profiling technology, unless users turn it on.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Stephanie Layser, News Corp VP of advertising tech and operations, assesses the options. Impact & opportunity "With these changes, a lot of the core pieces [...]


Three Innovations The Industry Wants: PubMatic’s Dozeman

It is a media world in which publishers and ad buyers now have access to a plethora of technology to facilitate digital advertising.But, in 2020, there are still some missing pieces of the puzzle.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kyle Dozeman, VP of advertiser solutions for PubMatic's Americas business, describes three innovations he says the industry is asking him for. Three innovations 1. Identity: "The walled gardens have long had an advantage over the open web when it comes to identity," Dozeman [...]


Apple’s IDFA Change Will Destroy Chunks Of Economy: LUMA’s Kawaja

Apple may have delayed a big change to the way advertisers can get user data from iOS devices - but the change will still be profound for advertisers.More than that, however, the change could have a destructive effect on sections of the overall economy, right when many businesses are suffering from the effects of COVID-19.That is the assessment of a seasoned digital media deal-maker and trends-watcher.In this video interview with Beet.TV, LUMA Partners CEO Terence Kawaja gave his assessment of [...]


Apple’s IDFA Change ‘Not Terrifying’: Magnite’s Kershaw

Apple is ripping up the fabric of mobile ad targeting - but Tom Kershaw sees it as just another step along the trajectory to a world of enhanced compliance.The tech company is due to change its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), which advertisers use to identify iOS devices so they can deliver customized advertising, to a default opt-in.It had been due to make the change in this month's iOS 14 release, but has delayed the change to early 2021 amid industry [...]