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“People Before Profits,” Horizon Media Founder and CEO Bill Koenigsberg

Dealing with the immediate impact of  the COVID-19, with the agency's 125 clients, was a sort of "massive triage," says Bill Koenigsberg, CEO and Founder of Horizon Media, the largest privately-owned media buying agency, in this interview with Beet.TVIt's been difficult, but he sees the agency coming out of the crisis stronger, as it did after the 2008/2009 financial crisis.  The team is the driver of success and says that the agency does not plan layoffs or furloughs. "People before [...]


Amplifi’s Mike Law: ‘Reach Is a Big Story in Today’s Marketplace’

As more precise data becomes available, there’s a greater importance on moving away from legacy behaviors and more towards understanding audience and reach. In a Beet.TV interview, Mike Law, president of Amplifi USA, explained how this comes from a balance between audience targeting tools and contextual marketing.Amplifi is a unit of the Dentsu Aegis Network.Companies have gotten better at using data to identify clients’ most valuable audiences, and it’s important they don’t lose perspective of where those ads should run. [...]


Walled Gardens Are Winning The Pandemic & Brands Need to Be Equipped, 4C’s Goldman

CHICAGO -  If the coronavirus pandemic was killing businesses, nobody told the big tech platforms.In Q1 results posted this week, Facebook reported returning "stability" in advertising revenue after an initial steep March decline, whilst Alphabet reported a March slowdown but nevertheless a 10% growth in ad revenue year-on-year.For Aaron Goldman, what's worrisome is that brands may not be equipped. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CMO of 4C Insights – a marketing tech platform enabling advertising across TV, digital, [...]


“Embrace Agility,” WarnerMedia’s Aversano Advises

The coronavirus is forcing everyone to think creatively. And that includes how marketers find their audiences when the delivery mechanism they expected to use just isn't available.Case in point - to find viewers who would otherwise have watched sports events that have been cancelled, some brands are turning to audience targeting, which helps them find the same audiences though they may now be watching other content.In this video interview with Beet.TV, WarnerMedia SVP of ad innovation and programmatic solutions, Dan [...]


Programmatic Advertising Must Align with Creative, Index Exchange CEO Andrew Casale

TORONTO  -  During the pandemic, many advertisers are slashing spending.  One principal reason is a lack of appropriate advertising.   Responding quickly, agencies are creating new executions.As a result, buying should come back in several categories in May and June, predicts Andrew Casale, President & CEO of Index Exchange, one of the largest independent programmatic adverting players.Getting the right creative will be key in assuring the viability of the programmatic ecosystem and ad supported media, notably news sites which are under [...]


Why True Cross-Platform Measurement Is Still Elusive: #BeetU, Session 3

Welcome to #BeetU – our weekly educational series for advertising and media during the COVID-19 crisis, hosted by Ashley Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp, longtime Beet contributor and the Dean of #BeetU.Using Furious’s comprehensive and interactive dictionary, TV101, as our guide, these sessions will unpack the terminology of advanced TV, serving as an introduction for some and a refresher for others.So, whether a newcomer or a titan, we invite you to join us for this educational series during this reset – [...]


Verizon Media Tools Up For Interactive Future: Markman

LOS ANGELES - Its own ad-tech stack was already gargantuan, now Verizon Media is widening the set of tools it offers to third parties.In an announcement, the company launched new features for publishers via its media platform:Verizon Media Smartplay Prebid: Helps offer more inventory, for faster auction and for better prices, using prebid open-source software. Ad Data and Ad Analytics: Helping publishers segment data and understand ad performance, plus identify tech issues. Verizon Media Control: For curating content and [...]


Publicis Groupe’s Cohen: Why Brands Are Better Off Without the Cookie

During a worldwide crisis, advertisers have to be particularly cognizant of the situation their audience is living through. Talking to customers as a cohort, and not as individuals, and letting advertisements end up alongside irrelevant content, can hurt brands more than ever. Jeremy Cohen, the vp and head of global content partnerships at Publicis Groupe, says consumers are “hyper-tuned” to the digital experience right now – meaning they have less patience for poor ad experiences but will be responsive when the [...]


Video Ads Are Coming Back: Innovid’s Chalozin

The coronavirus pandemic has hit advertising spend hard, but are there signs the market may be starting to expand again?Tal Chalozin has data he says proves it. Innovid, the video ad-tech serving supplier Chalozin co-founded, just released a product that lifts the curtain on all the trends being seen this month... to the platform, Innovid iQ, trends include:Some sectors' video ad impressions are returning to February or March levels. Retail advertisers put the brakes on advertising, but have lately [...]


Xandr’s Scott: ‘Creative Is Evolving to Meet the Temperament of the New Viewer’

Consumption is changing for audiences who are now stuck at home, says Xandr’s head of video market development for EMEA Austin Scott. Device usage and the amount of content that people have an appetite for has surged. That has opened an opportunity for streaming companies: We’ve seen the launch of Quibi during quarantine. Netflix is adding 16 million new subscribers per month. Roku is launching a free, ad-supported channel in the UK.That means brands and publishers have to change their [...]


Don’t Furlough The Future: Finecast’s Nielsen Warns TV Against Tech Cuts

LONDON  -- As the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown hits broadcasters' advertising income, many are making cost cuts to stay afloat.But one ad exec says it is crucial they cut from the right areas - because not doing so may mean they will find it difficult to bounce back in the future.Across the industry, we are seeing staff cuts from the likes of Foxtel, SRG SSR, Channel 4 and more."The big, big question is, 'Are they cutting the right way?'," says Jakob [...]


Opportunities To Be Found In TV’s Lockdown: Thinkbox’s Hill

The COVID-19 pandemic is bad news for advertising-dependent broadcasters and bad news for brands in certain impacted industries.But, for advertisers whose products go unaffected by lockdown, the current circumstances have conspired to present a cost-effective opportunity.In this video interview from London with Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Matt Hill, the research and planning director of Thinkbox, a UK group championing ad-funded broadcasters, explains."The UK market works on a supply and demand basis," Hill says. "That supply (of viewers) has massively, massively [...]


It’s a New Era of Outcome-Based Guarantees, LiveRamp’s Jay Prasad

LOS ANGELES -- With the TV Upfront shelved, and an increasing amount of transactions happening in the scatter market, outcome-based guarantees need to be central to the new scenario, says Jay Prasad, Chief Strategy Officer of LiveRamp TV, in this interview with Beet.TVIn his recent article published in AdExchanger, he advises: "To balance portfolios, ensure 15- 20% of budgets are allocated to cross-screen audiences and backed by outcome-based guarantees."


Ampersand’s Andrew Ward: We are Moving to Audience First vs. Demo’s

While advertising around age and demo for certain programming categories has been the legacy of television advertising, the business is moving inexorably to "audience first" with rich data directing decisioning and understanding attribution, says Andrew Ward, president of Ampersand, in this Beet.TV interview.Audience first solutions are not just for addressable TV but across all TV platforms, he says.In this wide ranging conversation with Beet.TV's Jon Watts, he talks about the evolution of Ampersand as a "simplified" buying platform.The company is [...]


COVID-19 Changes Everyone’s Context: Mastercard’s Rajamannar

As the sun sets on cookies, many are looking to contextual advertising, the practise of targeting not the audience for content but the content itself, to offer up the best advertising results.In contextual targeting, ad buyers would seek optimal adjacency to various kinds of content.But, to Raja Rajamannar, there is one overriding context that everyone shares in 2020 - a global pandemic.In this video interview with Beet.TV, the CMO of Mastercard says brands need to recalibrate their messaging because a [...]


Cannes Lions Chairman Philip Thomas: A Virtual Event Is “Impossible”

For Cannes Lions, the notion of replicating the event online, or making it "virtual" is not possible, says Philip Thomas, Chairman of Cannes Lions and president of events Ascential, the London based operator of the Festival, in this interview with Beet.TVHe advises other event organizers that the lack of human interaction can't be the same in the digital world,In the interview, Thomas explains that the primary reason for the cancellation is that the pandemic has made it impractical for the [...]


Kinesso Is Connecting Dots Between Datasets: Paolozzi

Vin Paolozzi probably expect to be launching a new marketing data engine on the cusp of a global pandemic that has put half the world's consumers in lockdown. But that's what he got.Still, the chief investment officer of Kinesso, the division IPG launched in October to provide data-driven capabilities to clients, thinks the unit has plenty of work to do.Chief amongst that work is connecting.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Paolozzi says Kinesso, which is powered by Acxiom after IPG [...]


Context & Audiences, Targeting In Tandem: Comscore’s Gantz

As privacy regulation has dampened some aspects of advanced user targeting and as the deprecation of cookies looms near, marketers are seeking an alternative way to get the best fit.One of the leading contenders - contextual targeting, the practice of seeking out ad inventory adjacent to particular kinds of content, rather than targeting individual users, no matter what content they are consuming.But, whilst the emergence of contextual targeting is being framed as the flip-side of audience targeting, Rachel Gantz says [...]


Horizon’s Williams: Helping Companies Rethink Communication During Covid-19

In a time of no live sports and heightened sensitivity to brand messaging, many companies have had to completely rethink their marketing strategies. In an interview with Beet.TV,  Donnie Williams, executive vice president and chief digital officer at Horizon Media, explored how the consultative lever of the industry has been busier than ever trying to help brands pivot accordingly.Consulting is one of the many parts of Horizon’s business model, and it’s one where Williams sees a great opportunity. There are [...]


In Covid Crisis, Hoax Sites Proliferate, NewsGuard’s Steve Brill

Ad placements on news sites should be made by understanding the value of the publisher,  not always programmatically, by using key word blocking, says Steven Brill, co CEO of NewsGuard, in this interview with Beet.TV.He says that brand advertising are appearing increasingly on "hoax" sites which have been proliferating during the pandemic.    NewsGuard evaluates thousands of sites with its network of journalists, using "human intelligence" versus artificial intelligence.The company was co-founded by Brill and former Wall Street Journal publisher [...]