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Header Bidding Is Unlocking OTT TV Ads: Kinesso’s Fitzpatrick

LOS ANGELES -- It took its time to leap from display to video and TV, but now the ad-trading technique known as header bidding convince more connected TV programmers to make ad inventory available to buy programmatically.That is according to one agency exec whose company is rolling up its sleeves.Header bidding is the technology process through which media owners can entertain bids from multiple demand sources simultaneously, rather than in traditional "waterfall", or sequential, fashion - thereby having sight of [...]


Fast-Growing Kidoodle.TV Family AVOD Service Joins PubMatic on Header Bidding

EDMONTON, ALBERTA - Your average seven-year-old may not know too much about the intricacies of header bidding through programmatic OTT ad exchanges - but Daniel Riddell doesn't need them to.The CTO of kids online TV service Kidoodle.TV is witnessing amazing growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. And he is installing a stack of ad-tech to benefit."We've grown over 230% since beginning of March," Riddell tells Beet.TV in this video interview recorded remotely in Edmonton with Canadian-based media company. 'Safe streaming' Based in Canada [...]


New-Look Crackle Serves Up Positive Content, Lighter Ads: Guelton

A year after Sony sold a majority stake in its Crackle video service to the company behind Chicken Soup For The Soul, things are looking up.Crackle had struggled to find its place in a world increasingly dominated by YouTube and Netflix.But the sale to Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, which produces entertainment with "kindness" and "the best of the human spirit", is helping it carve out a niche as a platform for "positive" content.That's the message Crackle Plus president [...]


Finding Alternate Content & Context For Advertisers: WarnerMedia’s Chaturvedi

Around the world, advertisers that pinned their strategies on delivery against premium content are praying for a resumption in top-tier sports and other programming.Until then, broadcast groups are thinking creatively to give them the next best delivery opportunities - and ensure ad budgets can keep flowing.In this video interview, Amit Chaturvedi, EVP, Product & Revenue Operations at WarnerMedia, explains how the group is responding. Finding fans "As a result of COVID, when sports marketing or sports programming essentially shut down across the [...]


Racial Diversity Programs Must Address Systemic Racism, Comscore’s Tershone Phillips

For this young Black woman, the road to a prominent post as product manager at Comscore, started with a pivotal diversity fellowship at ABC TV during her college years.   But is wasn't easy:  She felt ostracized by her peers but yet she insisted that her voice be heard.  She learned from senior executives who mentored her.Tershone Phillips reflects on her job path from Mindshare to Nielsen to Comscore where she is managing programmatic products.Grateful for the support along the way [...]


“Our Voices and Ideas Are Suppressed in the Workplace”

The workplace environment for Black women is hard: many find a lack of constructive feedback, resources and mentorship. Many see a pay disparity and place where  their "voices and ideas" are suppressed" and where c-level job track progression is slow, says Kelle Coleman, SVP Brand Partnerships, Nielsen, in this video interview with Beet.TVNotwithstanding, the Black woman show up and  "show out."  We have "no choice."She addresses the issue of diversity and inclusion and disparities where well intentioned programs have been [...]


Marketers Seek Ad Flexibility Like Digital Platforms Offer: Omnicom’s Sal Candela

Advertisers are pushing for greater flexibility from their media partners as effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy pressures them to be more resourceful with their spending. That dynamic is disrupting this year's network upfront advertising marketplace, magnifying calls for changes to the way media outlets sell commercial time.The Association of National Advertisers (ANA), a trade group for marketers and their agencies, last month demanded that TV networks shift the marketplace to a calendar year, among other requests.Omnicom Media [...]


DISH’s Robertson Sees Programmatic TV Rising In Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has up-ended all the norms of traditional TV ad buying, with the usual upfront ad sales season largely suspended.That is what happens when brands, uncertain about their future prosperity, decide against making hefty upfront ad purchase commitments.But, in their pursuit, instead, of agility and flexibility, could those brands be accelerating the adoption of programmatically-sold connected TV advertising? Growing murmurs in the industry seem to suggest so.Earlier this week, Fox Networks Group also told us: "More and more [...]


Omnicom Media Group Embraces National Addressable TV Amid OTT Boom: Kramer

Until recently, the common understanding of connected TV services was that they were mostly popular with younger cord-cutters and the typical view of addressable TV ad targeting was that it worked mostly at the local level.But ad agencies are now enjoying recent developments which are widening both of those apertures - audience breadth and geographic scale.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matthew Kramer, Managing Director, Advanced Advertising at Omnicom Media Group, describes the trends and technologies he sees presenting a [...]


Tubi Delivers Audiences Not Reached by Linear TV: Fox’s Marianne Gambelli

Fox Corp. this year bought video streaming service Tubi to expand its reach outside of linear TV, an acquisition that ended up being exceptionally well timed. Millions of people stuck at home during pandemic lockdowns have had more time to watch video on every screen, including advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) services like Tubi.Marianne Gambelli, President of FOX Advertising Sales, sees Tubi as an opportunity for advertisers to reach younger audiences who are hooking up their TVs directly to the [...]


Rubicon, Telaria Rebrand As ‘Magnite’ With Independence In Mind: CEO Barrett Speaks

Just two months after merging, programmatic ad platform Rubicon Project and video management platform Telaria are taking on a new name, Magnite.It is a rebranding that involved hundreds of staff from the companies operating under lockdown.But now president and CEO Michael Barrett says he is looking forward to reconnecting with those staff in person.In this video interview with Beet.TV, Barrett says Magnite's attraction is that is is an independent player in the ecosystem. Neutral position pair merged to create a scaled [...]


Three Ways Connected TV Ad Fraud Is ‘Swelling’: DoubleVerify’s Ross

By now, ad buyers have become sorely aware of the impact of ad fraud.A study for the ANA last year pegged the problem at $5.8 billion globally.But, even though that is declining on previous years, ad fraud has primarily been seen as a problem in the display and online video arenas.When it comes to connected TV, many people have considered the channel fraud-free.But John Ross says that isn't the case. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the associate director of [...]


‘It’s Up to Us to Close the Deal’ on Promoting Equality: BET Networks’ Louis Carr

The media and marketing industries can play a key role in promoting racial diversity, a topic that has become more pronounced in recent weeks. The killing of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis ignited mass protests against racism and police brutality, and spurred advertisers to be more vocal about social justice.As the nation's premiere provider of TV programming for African American audiences, BET Networks sees a responsibility to inform, educate and console anyone who is troubled by recent [...]


Lockdown Is Accelerating Data-Driven TV: Fox’s Darren Sherriff

With resources constrained and a new importance placed on sure-fire customers, marketers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by using data tools and data to find more bankable targets through advertising.In recent weeks, we have heard from several executives who have suggested ad buyers are moving further down the marketing funnel, looking to improve the efficiency of their spend by finding more likely leads."With the quarantine that we've all experienced ... you're finding buyers becoming smarter about how they target [...]


“We’re Not Allowed to Fail, We Have to be Perfect”

While he says that his colleagues have been supportive of his work,  he and others Black executives carry the weight of not being able to fail.   "We have to be perfect," says Cavel Khan, Chief Revenue Officer of Tumblr, in this interview with Beet.TVA veteran of Vice, Twitter and Microsoft, earlier this month Khan joined Tumblr, which is now a unit of the blogging platform Automatttic company.Accomplished at work, outside he fears the dangers of discrimination.  He hopes the current [...]


In New TV World, Traditional Ad Serving Will Fade Away: PubMatic’s Olsen

As advertising technology evolves to serve a world that is increasingly about video and TV, traditional methods will fade to black, leaving a new class of vendor in charge.That's the view of one ad-tech executive trying to bring about the change."In the world we're living in today, where you have parallel auctions, header bidding, millions of QPS in real time, I don't see there being a need for ad serving in the new world of television, which is technically going [...]


Valuing Older, Higher-Income Households: Discovery’s Jon Steinlauf

Advertisers for years have sought to reach young adults who are in the early stages of forming brand loyalties and setting up their own households. However, they shouldn't neglect efforts to reach older, higher-income households that will help drive the recovery from this year's pandemic slowdown.That's the one of the key messages from Jon Steinlauf, chief U.S. advertising sales officer at Discovery, whose network brands also include TLC, Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV, DIY, ID and Travel Channel. He predicts [...]


Cisco’s WebEx Swings Toward Remote TV Participation

Over the last few weeks, we have heard from a range of broadcasters that have responded to the coronavirus pandemic with a single watchword - "agility".But software vendors, too, have learned to think on their feet and find new customer categories.Case in point - Cisco's WebEx has been supporting video calls and presentations for years. But recently it has also turned that toward powering TV programming.CNN is amongst the broadcasters using WebEx to involve remote guests in shows. Pivot to programming In [...]


Streaming Apps Drive Sales Growth During Pandemic: Discovery’s Jon Steinlauf

The coronavirus pandemic led many advertisers to pull back on media spending in the past few months, but broadcasters have found pockets of strength in their streaming media platforms.Discovery forecasts that it will end the second quarter with higher ad sales than a year earlier for its streaming apps, which are a key part of its strategy to help advertisers reach younger audiences and higher-income women whose viewing habits are changing."We think there's going to be a shortage of ad-supported [...]


Linear TV, OTT Can Complement Audience Reach: Disney’s Rita Ferro

Streaming platforms are investing billions of dollars in original programming every year, raising the stakes for linear TV channels that aim to deliver audiences to advertisers. While linear TV has key strengths in sports, news and events, it also has the power to reach audiences with other kinds of original programming.Rita Ferro, president of Disney Advertising Sales, said investments in original programming are central to her company's strategy to reach audiences on any device. In this episode of the Beet [...]