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Data-Driven Buying of Linear TV Drives Efficiencies: Kinesso’s Lauren Bernard Mannix

Marketers next year will keep looking for ways to develop omnichannel media strategies that reach target consumers more efficiently. Advertisers want to move from planning and measurement of siloed media outlets toward a more holistic approach that avoids over-exposing viewers to the same ads too often. "There's a lot of value for clients in being able to plan and then measure [...]


Brands Want To Close The Loop On Outcomes: Wenda Millard

After a year of unpredictability, brands are striving to get closer to guaranteed business outcomes. But, to do that to best effect, they are going to need to start acting before the campaign has ended. That is the view of Wenda Harris Millard, the industry veteran who is now vice chairman at strategic advisory MediaLink. Toward certainty In this video interview with Beet.TV, Millard [...]


History Creates Context: Magnite’s Kershaw On Life After Identifiers

The withering of the third-party cookies and mobile identifiers that have made up much of traditional digital ad targeting is up-ending the business of marketers reaching audiences. As those methods wane, many ad planners are contemplating the switch from targeting users to targeting the content they read or watch - commonly called "contextual" targeting. But, whilst "context" may seem to simply describe the media [...]


Know Your Consumer, Don’t Profile Them: Rishad Tobaccowala Urges Marketers

Consumers can't be truly "identified" via various data sets. Their feelings and moods can vary as much as the profile of another person. The key to identity in marketing is to reach a consumer who "belongs," who opts in by providing first party data, says Rishad Tobaccowala, longtime senior advertising executive at the Publicis Groupe, now an independent advisor, author [...]


Listen Up, Audio Finds Hard-To-Reach Audiences: NPR’s Smith

COVID-19 lockdowns may have reduced the number of commuters listening to radio in their cars. But the future nevertheless looks bright for anyone involved in audio programming. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Smith, NPR Chief Marketing Officer, says the public broadcaster's podcast listenership is skyrocketing, with digital audio set to diversify still further. Podcasts are booming "People are not in their cars [...]


Episode #2 of the #BeetCast: “The Obsolescence of Marketing Has Begun, Like It Or Not,” Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar

In a new data-led marketing world, driven by technology, marketers are being left behind. The obsolescence of marketing has begun, declares Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard, in this podcast from Beet.TV It is imperative that marketers understand AI, augmented reality and other emerging technologies to remain relevant. Already the role of CMO has been [...]


Kirk McDonald: Exhausted by the Turmoil, Positive about Changes Ahead

From his early days at Conde Nast, to the adtech world of PubMatic, to his present senior post at AT&T, he's "always been alone." The feeling has been most acute at industry events, which somehow appear "unfamiliar,"explains Kirk McDonald, Chief Business Officer of AT&T's Xandr unit.* Fully qualified, he often saw himself as an "imposter" at these gatherings. I interviewed him this [...]


Dispatch from Puerto Rico: Poor Kids Can’t Zoom

SAN JUAN, PR - Online learning can be a useful solution for children whose schools are closed. But not for those living in poverty, where there is often little Internet connectivity. For the Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, which serves primarily the island's poor, some 80 percent of club members don't have suitable access to learn online. The organization, which [...]


The BeetCast Debut: Sir Martin Sorrell on What Motivates Him and Views on Changing Marketing Landscape

LONDON -- He wasn’t happy with the circumstances of his departure from WPP in 2018, the giant advertising holding company he founded. With S4 Capital, he is proving a point: he can create an agile, digital-only marketing enterprise, says Sir Martin Sorrell in this interview. Today (November 9) S4 released impressive Q3 results. We spoke about the impact [...]


Sales, Sophistication & Simplicity: Amplifi’s Law On 2021 Advertising

If COVID-19 ravaged the world for many, it also seems to have laid the groundwork for change that was previously merely bubbling up. Case in point - newly-cautious brands, looking to prove the effectiveness of spending, appear keener to buy advertising that is based on real outcomes, something connected technology has been promising for the last couple of years. So, in this video [...]


Scaling Post-Production Brand Insertion: TripleLift’s Eifler

If new ad formats hold the key to increased media revenue, Andrew Eifler is throwing the kitchen sync at the industry. On top of seven native ad formats and several standard video ad formats, Eifler's TripleLift is now helping inject advertisers' virtual products directly into OTT TV content. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Eifler, TriplLift's chief product officer, says the idea [...]


AI Promises to Boost Programmatic Efficiencies: PubMatic’s Andrew Baron

The advertising marketplace has found multiple applications for artificial intelligence (AI) technology that handles more advanced problem-solving at higher speeds. Those uses include several parts of programmatic marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of advertising in automated auctions. "Each of these will drive some sort of revenue lift yield, from the perspective of publishers," Andrew Baron, vice president of machine [...]


Open Marketplace Supports Growth in Addressable Ads: DISH Media’s Tim Myers

Addressable and advanced television advertising that lets marketers reach target audiences with more personalized commercials is on the verge of becoming more mainstream on national TV networks. This convergence of linear and digital media underscores the need for interoperable and transparent ways of doing business. "The TV industry is made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of different entities that are [...]


BeetCast Episode 7: “Programmatic Optimizes Towards an Algorithm of Sensationalism,” Omnicom Media CEO Scott Hagedorn

Digital publishers and platforms have become adept at controlling fraud, but not so good about more subtle problems around content adjacency. There remains a lack of transparency around where a marketer's content will run and the impact of associating with sensational advertising. Says Scott Hagedorn, CEO of Omnicom Media Group in this BeetCast podcast moderated by Matt Spiegel, EVP of Transunion. Part [...]


National Addressable Enablement & Back-On-Track Outcomes Excite Horizon Media’s Rose

If fragmentation was the price of scale, would you take it or leave it? That's the question many buyers of over-the-top (OTT) TV ads have been asking themselves. But, as more opportunities are lit up to deliver targeted ads across the entire US, some are swallowing the challenges - whilst hoping for a more straightforward 2021. In this video interview with Beet.TV, [...]


AI Needs Ethics: Xaxis’ Wilensky On Machines Learning From Humans

All machine learning is essentially algorithms trained by humans to spot patterns in data. But humans, too, have to learn how to make the right calls when it comes to training those algorithms. In this video interview with Beet.TV, GiLa Wilensky, president of US at Xaxis, says "ethical AI" is essential. AI's spectrum of benefits Xaxis is the WPP agency focused on driving business [...]


Fixed Fees Are Fairer: Beeswax’s Jones

LONDON - A couple of years after the media industry's great ad transparency outcry sparked, a consensus emerged over why a change in pricing model would be necessary. Cadi Jones is convinced that change - from ad-tech intermediaries taking a percentage of media spend to simply taking a flat, fixed fee - is right. (We are republishing this video recorded in London [...]


FreeWheel Buying Beeswax to Enable Publisher Audience Extension

Comcast-owned FreeWheel is continuing to expand its buy-side offering by announcing its acquisition of Beeswax. Beeswax offers a "bidder-as-a-service", a DSP-like ad-buying software that sits in buyers' own clouds and uses a software-as-a-service pricing model. In this video interview with Beet.TV, FreeWheel general manager Dave Clark explains the rationale behind the acquisition, and how he sees 2021 panning out. Expanding demand "Our publisher client [...]


Retailer Media Networks Show Power of Shopper Data: Mediaocean’s Ramsey McGrory

First-party data about consumers are much more valuable to marketers as stricter privacy laws in several regions give people more control over how their personal information is shared. Amid the boom in ecommerce, retailers that sell advertising space on their websites are harnessing their first-party data to help marketers improve their targeting. That capability makes retail media networks more comparable to [...]


Retailers Are The New Media Giants: Furious’ Swartz

Until now, the prospect of retailers using data to follow a customer in and out of store, ultimately aiming to attribute an end purchase back to an ad exposure, was a lofty goal - but rather complex to achieve. But two trends are making it a reality: The growing proportion of retail that occurs in digital channels. Growing capabilities of online [...]