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D2C Brands’ Love For TV Good For Agencies: PHD’s Devoy

If advertising agencies were getting nervous about being disintermediated by brands in-housing their traditional agency functions, there may be some solace found on the Croisette. The rise of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands apparently plays right in to agencies' strengths, because D2C brands need strong opinions and they thrive on TV exposure. So says Malcolm Devoy, PHD EMEA chief strategy officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV "Direct to consumer represents ... a massive and seismic shift," he says." For media agencies, that's great, too, [...]


When Marketers Win, ‘Everybody Wins’: ANA’s Liodice

CANNES—A year after the Association of National Advertisers joined forces with the Cannes Lions festival to help “marketers take their industry back,” they were back at Cannes to refine their priorities going forward. The joint CMO Growth Council initiative has boiled those priorities down to improving marketing academia, “upskilling and reskilling” marketing personnel and how to build a better CMO, says ANA President Bob Liodice. “Everybody needs to grow. Everybody wants to grow. But if you read lots of reports, growth [...]


Identity Resolution Big Focus for Samba TV

Television is ready to step in to the future to embrace the new audience targeting opportunities in front of it. But, to do so, TV is going to need to learn some new tricks - chiefly, how to identify viewers in order to stop serving them repetitive ads. That is according to one executive whose company aims to do just that. "Identity is a really big deal," says Ashwin Navin, Samba TV Co-founder, in this video interview with Beet.TV. "Television is a mass [...]


Digital Players & Platforms Want To Compete with TV: Nielsen’s Clarken

In the emerging world of advanced measurement for digital ad campaigns, the currencies and metrics on which buying and selling decisions are made are shifting sands. Many ad buyers, of course, want specific metrics to indicate real viewership and attribution of consequential purchase actions. But many brands, even digital ones, are now getting frustrated by the fragmenting array of measurement opportunities - and are turning back to align their video efforts more closely with traditional TV campaigns. That is according to an executive [...]


Brands Want A Shorter, Shoppable Funnel: Accenture’s Mendonça

If you needed any indication that the big consulting firms were making an entry in the world of advertising services, look back to Accenture's appointment of Omnicom veteran Nikki Mendonça in October 2017. With the group for 16 years, Mendonça had been president of OMD Worldwide's EMEA region, responsible for 6,500 marketers running brands like McDonald's and PepsiCo. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mendonça, now president of Accenture Interactive Operations, says the pace of change is still accelerating. "The ability to sort [...]


Data Plus Math’s LiveRamp Sale ‘Closes The Loop’

If you thought Acxiom's sale of its data warehousing business to InterPublic Group (IPG) indicated it was out of the advertising data game, think again. Now named LiveRamp after its key remaining asset, the company says it plans to acquire Boston-based Data Plus Math, whose technology helps match up audience profiles and map ad exposure to conversion activities. "Our main idea was that TV advertising works and the data would tell a good story if someone would go in and actually analyze [...]


Measurement Needs An Upgrade: Innovid’s Hogue

She may have just landed from Nielsen, but that doesn't mean Jessica Hogue doesn't think the world of TV ad measurement is fine stuck in the worlds of panels and demographics. After a 12-year stint at the media measurement firm which ended with being SVP for its digital client solutions team, Hogue this May left to join interactive TV ad enabler Innovid in a new role, GM measurement & analytics. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Hogue says the way TV audiences [...]


Privacy Is Our Carpe Diem Moment: Hearts & Science’s New US CEO

Consumer privacy issues and the relative value they perceive from media and advertising are a "carpe diem" ("seize the day") moment for the advertising industry. Thast is according to one agency exec speaking amid the discussion at the Cannes Lions ad industry gathering. "With ITP and ITP 2.0 (Intelligent Tracking Prevention), I think we're seeing clients really starting to take this much more seriously," says Erin Matts, the new US CEO of Omnicom's Hearts & Science agency. "Google and Apple are taking two [...]


Wavemaker’s Richman Reviews Outcomes, Values And DTC Brands

CANNES—Wavemaker’s US CEO, Amanda Richman, assumed her position in the fall of 2017 to help launch what was then GroupM’s newest agency. In this interview with Beet.TV at the 2019 Cannes Lions, she discusses how outcomes and values have risen in importance for marketers and why direct-to-consumer brands are leaning into traditional media. A condensed version of her comments follows. How marketers engage with agencies: “The needs of how clients engage with media agencies has started to really shift from the sense [...]


US TV Too Fragmented: SpotX’s Buckley

The more that US ad-tech vendors get consolidated in to larger European media owners, the more we hear about the relative simplicity of the European system. Whilst the European market, like the continent itself, is fragmented, its broadcast ecosystem is far less so. Furthermore, initiatives like HbbTV have seen the entire chain of electronics manufacturers and broadcast groups come together to define common device standards. Systems are simpler, through which media owners, more than underlying distributors, tend to control their ad sales. That [...]


Ads Need More Creativity, Personalization: Teads’ Daily

When shovelware has taken over, stop digging. Over the last few years of media evolution, many brands have moved in to new formats by simply re-using their old creative. That doesn't cut it, says Jim Daily, Teads president, in this video interview with Beet.TV. The executive's company is best known as the company which brought you out-stream, the video advertising format which serves auto-playing video advertising between text paragraphs in news stories. But Teads also launched Teads Studio, a software suite built on Teads’ acquisition of Brainient, [...]


UK’s ITV Uses VOD Hub To Gather Ad Data: Bignell

The UK's leading commercial TV broadcaster is steadily gathering more data with which to target ads for its own online audience. Now it is taking that ability up a notch, with a two-way partnership with an ad-tech platform helping it go one step farther. The broadcaster, which airs Downton Abbey and Coronation Street in the UK, recently picked Amobee as the platform through which it will distribute its digital ad inventory. The UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster, ITV announced an exclusive UK and Ireland licensing agreement with [...]


Alliance to Help Kickstart German Addressable: RTL’s Nölke

Advanced and addressable TV advertising capabilities give programmers and advertisers super-powers  - but, in some markets, local conditions mean the starting gun has barely been fired. Case in point - Germany, where many kinds of modern ad practice are curtailed by regulation in a country long sensitive to privacy concerns. That is something acknowledged by Rhys Nölke, SVP strategy at RTL Group, the pan-European broadcast and production owner. RTL Group operates its eponymous RTL TV broadcaster in Germany, but it is nevertheless taking [...]


RTL’s Adconnect Goes ‘Glocal’ To Power Ads: Coruble

Two of the major dynamics in modern media right now see media owners come together cooperatively and many of them restructuring their businesses to cater to larger, global brands. Luxembourg-based pan-European RTL Group is living out both of those trends. Its Adconnect unit is an ad sales arm for RTL-owned broadcasters and shows made by its Fremantle Media subsidiary (American Idol, Got Talent, X Factor) around the world, but also those owned by other operators. And it is doing that by trying to [...]


Industry Needs Shared Solutions: Amobee’s Smolin

Put aside your competition and come together to create solutions that benefit everyone. That was the clarion call from an ad-tech exec enjoying the sunshine at the Cannes Lions advertising industry gathering. "Everybody sees kind of this moment in time, where we can really embrace converged strategies," says Philip Smolin, Amobee chief strategy officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV. "But, in order to do it, we have to have standards, we have to have scalability in those solutions." Smolin was speaking after a [...]


Inscape’s McAfee: OAR Consortium Offers Flexibility To Scale Addressable TV

CANNES—A direct relationship with owners of television advertising inventory is one of the core premises behind Project OAR, which hopes to develop an open standard for addressable ads on connected TV’s. “As long as there’s someone in the middle, there are levels of complication that just won’t make this work,” says Jodie McAfee, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Vizio’s Inscape unit. The Open Addressable Ready consortium announced in March is the result of Vizio having watched a number of companies [...]


Addressability Is Finally Here: Nielsen’s Somaya

It was a long time coming, but the long-held promise of targeting individual households with customized TV ads has finally come in to view. That is something video and TV programmers - all facing competition from digital-native ad platforms that have long offered super-targeting - need to remain competitive. "I think there are finally real ways for them to bring addressability to television," says Vikram Somaya, Nielsen chief data officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV. "I think a lot of the issues [...]


Agencies Need To Change And Experiment Like Marketers: S4’s Sorrell

CANNES—The world’s biggest agencies are “strapped” by their structure and hesitant to experiment, while advertisers are taking back control and experimenting more than ever, according to Sir Martin Sorrell. “It’s not in-housing, it’s part of a much broader trend,” the former CEO of WPP says in this interview with Beet.TV at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.  We spoke with him after his panel at the Innovid video summit. Sorrell is now Executive Chairman of S4 Capital, which is described as [...]


Three Priorities For A Better World: P&G’s Pritchard

Put 200 of the world’s leading senior marketing decision makers in a room and what do you get? An agenda for the future of the craft. But, maybe also, a playbook for making a better world. A group called the CMO Growth Council was formed back in 2018 to share best practice amongst chief marketing officers. More than 200 of them gathered in Orlando in November to debate. And 250 of them are meeting again during this week's Cannes Lions. In this video [...]


How Panels Improve Big Data: Nielsen’s Hohman

Panel-based measurement of media consumption may seem antiquated when you consider that modern digital media tend to include audience tracking out of the box. But Dave Hohmann thinks counting consumption through panel reporting is still relevant. He would think that. As EVP and MD of buy-side media at Nielsen, Hohman works on continuing to offer Nielsen's traditional panel system to clients - but alongside new data-driven technology. In fact, Hohman thinks panels can upgrade those new ways of counting. "Panels at Nielsen are being [...]