Charting the Future of Digital Advertising with Advanced Technology

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As consumer behaviors change, identifiers disappear, and privacy regulations grow, it’s becoming more difficult to connect with audiences in relevant ways.

To build a sustainable marketing future, brands will need to leverage advanced creative technologies to drive meaningful and impactful relationships, refocusing their attention on delivering messages of value.

The videos will highlight innovative use cases and technologies that marketers and their agencies are using in order to drive creative performance and connect with their audiences at scale, while also delving into the unique challenges these practitioners anticipate in the months and years ahead.

The series will explore how advanced technologies, such as AI, can optimize creative execution, facilitate more authentic connections, and inform marketing strategy in the cookieless future.

Video interviews for this content track will be part of a global initiative, in partnership with Beet.TV, GroupM and the 4A’s.

Production and Distribution

Segments are being produced remotely, using Zoom. Taping begins May 17 and will conclude on June 11. Videos will be published by Beet. TV, GroupM and the 4A’s on its sites and social channels. The videos will be presented as part of the virtual Global Forum on Responsible Media on June 23.

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