Women’s Lifestyle Destination Focuses on Mobile, Video and Data

Women’s lifestyle digital content company PureWow is aiming to expand deeply into video, as well bolster its work in mobile this year, says Ryan Harwood, CEO of PureWow, in this interview with Beet.TV. Thanks to a recent venture round, PureWow is investing in its mobile infrastructure as well as video content and data science. With […]


Building a Brand Depends on eCommerce, Razorfish’s Denton

The agency of the future needs to be a “data geek,” says Shannon Denton, CEO North America of Razorfish, in an interview with Beet.TV. “They need to understand all kinds of data and how to push it through to the consumer in terms of experiences that show the intelligence and make the consumer feel special as […]


Guardian’s Cordrey On News Readers’ Daily Rhythm

LONDON — Users’ news consumption habits are shaped by their devices and the time of day, says Guardian chief digital officer Tanya Cordrey. “In the morning, smartphones completely rule as people snack on bits of content before they go to work,” Cordrey tells Beet.TV. “At lunchtime, we see a huge pickup on desktop traffic. By […]


Cannes Lions Readies “Data” Track for 2015 Festival

CANNES — Seeing the emerging role of data in the creative process of advertising and media, Cannes Lions is planning a new track dedicated to the area, explains Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, in this interview with Beet.TV In the Wall Street Journal today, Jack Marshall reports on the numbers of data and programmatic […]


Advertisers Will Demand More Transparency: Zenith US CEO

Advertisers don’t just want cheaper ad rates – they will increasingly search for more insight in to how their spend is really working, predicts one ad agency exec. “Client transparency is certainly going to be a big hot topic,” according to Zenith US CEO Dave Penski. “Are they getting what they’ve been promised? “Driving down […]


Mobile Stream Simplifies Fragmented Formats: Maxus’ Egan

The emergence of stream-based content units popularized by mobile apps like Twitter and Facebook promises to simplify a confusing mobile advertising space, says an ad agency exec. “We’ve had an explosion of formats,” says Maxus’ north America chief strategy office Mark Egan We’re seeing a lot of this roll in to a common unit which […]


The Advertising Channel Is Dead: ZenithOptimedia’s Shoreland

There are no longer any advertising “channels”, just technology, says a Publicis division exec. “We should no longer think in ‘channels’ anymore – we think in connectivity and user experience,” according to ZenithOptimedia north America corporate development EVP James Shoreland. Shoreland is working on breaking down silos between technology, data, brands and content: “This is […]


Fragmentation of TV Viewing will Lead to Automated Ad buying, Xaxis Chair David Moore

While the planning and buying of TV buying is efficient and will not move to an automated marketplace in the near term, it will over time as the TV viewing universe becomes increasingly fragmented, says David Moore, Chairman of Xaxis, the programmatic media agency unit of WPP, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with […]


Razorfish CEO: Operations in Asia Growing by Over Twenty Percent

Digital agency Razorfish is registering robust business in its operations in Asia, with “growth of well over twenty percent,” says Pete Stein, Global CEO, in this interview with Beet.TV.  Also in this interview, he outlines some of  the  themes he expects to see at the Cannes Lions Festival next week. We spoke with him as […]


Cannes Lions 2104: We’re all “Marketing in a Digital World,” Simulmedia’s Dave Morgan

While digital media has been  part of the conversation at the annual Cannes Lions Festival for some five years, the digital revolution means that the industry is now operating in a  pervasive, digital world.  Not just using digital marketing, we are “marketing in a digital world,” says Dave Morgan CEO of Simulmedia, in this interview […]


Cannes Lions Preps for Lions Health Ad Festival in Inaugural Year

Video can be a highly effective tool in communication with health care providers, says Rob Rogers, Co-CEO America and Chief Creative Officer at WPP’s Sudler & Hennessey, a health care communications network. “We look for ways of introducing simplicity. We need to deliver some very simple messages,” he says, adding that video can aid in […]


GroupM’s Tilds: Innovation Must Be Purposeful

Brands that will be most successful in innovation are those that focus on it in a fine-tuned way, says Cary Tilds, Chief Innovation Officer at Group M during a conversation with Beet.TV about innovation, technology and what’s coming down the pike in marketing. “The brands that are winning in creativity have ‘purposeful innovation,’ she says. […]


Amplification Vital in Noisy Digital World, “Roar’s” Sean Reardon

Given the shortened attention span and massive amounts of advertising, marketers face a daunting task in connecting with consumers, says Sean Reardon, President of Publicis-owned Roar. Consumers are exposed to about 5000 messages each week and will likely only remember 10 to 15 of them, he says. “It’s a combination of engagement and exposure,” he […]


Programmatic Grows Worldwide in Premium Programming

Programmatic buying in worldwide markets is focused on premium and high-end content and that’s helping to grow the business globally, says Ryan Jamboretz, Chief Development Office at ad platform Videology, in an interview with Beet.TV. “You see a lot of private network deals, and existing trading deals with media sellers and clients accessing the highest echelons […]


MEC’s Chief Digital Officer on Technology, Data and Creativity

Technology is changing how advertisers market, but creativity still remains the name of the game, says Carl Fremont, Global Chief Digital Officer at MEC in an interview with Beet.TV. “We are in a tech boom and advancement, with more access to open-source platforms to build on top of and gain scale. But our role is less about building them […]


Mindshare’s Cindy Gustafson on Preparing for Real-Time Marketing

Mindshare has implemented a number of processes into its organization to better manage and respond to quick marketplace changes, says Cindy Gustafson, Managing Director at Mindshare in an interview with Beet.TV about the advent of real-time advertising. That includes workshops, an operating system with data feeds and flexible budgeting, she says. For starters, Mindshare introduced “The […]


Wunderman Exec on Creating Video With Social Dynamics

When it comes to measuring digital video, some metrics are more valuable than others, says Gurval Caer, Vice Chairman Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at Wunderman, a division of WPP, in an interview with Beet.TV. “Yes, it’s about views, but it’s more about time spent and the sharing that happens,” he says. That’s why it’s important to […]


Programmatic Advertising Will Drive Creativity, MediaLink’s Wenda Harris Millard

While the move to automated, or programmatic advertising, decisioning is bringing greater efficiency and pricing to the marketplace, it will enable a greater creativity by freeing up the resources of agencies, says Wenda Harris Millard, President and COO of MediaLink, the influential media industry consultancy, in this video interview with Beet.TV She also speaks about […]


SMG Planning Content@Scale International Expansion

LONDON — In January, Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) announced it would re-use some US publishers’ “evergreen” articles to tell marketers’ stories. Now it is about to ope the program, Content@Scale, elsewhere in the world. “We’ve rolled it out in the US and will roll it out in 2014 in many other markets around the world,” […]


Keep Big Data Simple To Get Smarter: SMG’s Parker

LONDON — Marketing agencies, like other industries, are getting excited about “Big Data” – but what does that really mean for their clients, who can often be confused about what the jargon boils down to? “‘Big data’ sounds scary … things are very complex at the moment,” says Starcom MediaVest Group London’s co-CEO Steve Parker. […]

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