Brands Like Bose Wants Flexible, All-Platform Ads: Kremser

CANNES — Brands these days aren’t asking for much – just the ability to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time, across all media channels, globally and in real-time. If that seems like a tall order, there is still a growing array of publishers and ad-tech vendors seeking to give […]


French Broadcaster M6 Readies For Addressable Explosion: Younes

CANNES — European broadcasters know they desperately want to enable the delivery of so-called addressable TV advertising, the advertising tactic which allows custom ad swap-outs targeted at individual households or viewers. But two of Europe’s biggest markets actually have limits on the practice: In Germany, strict privacy regulation means broadcasters can’t use personal information to […]


Media Need Partnerships To Find Scale: RTL AdConnect’s Bischoff

CANNES – Across Europe, in multiple media industries, what once were competitors are coming together, forming a variety of ad sales cooperatives in a bid to pool inventory they hope can match the vast scale of Google and Facebook. That is stark contrast to the US, where many media houses remain in competition with both […]


Fremantle Flexes Its Ad Sales Muscles, Glynne Says

Most viewers have never heard of it, but it is one of the biggest TV production houses in the world – and now Fremantle Media is also becoming an ad sales vehicle. Fremantle, owned by the RTL Group of Europe, produces hit entertainment franchises like American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent and The X-Factor. Mostly, of course, those shows […]


Hotelier Accor Books TV To Supplement Digital Media

CANNES—“All TV is back, and back in a different way than in the past,” says Accor Group’s Antoine Dubois. So a year ago, the French global hospitality brand returned to TV to complement its targeting of niche audiences beyond digital media. “All of the hospitality industry today, six years ago everything was digital,” the SVP […]


How Shell Uses Social Media To Create Positive Brand Perceptions

CANNES—For global oil and gas conglomerate Shell, using social media influencers is all about generating positive brand perceptions. “These are ultimately the measure of success,” says Americo Silva, Global Head of Integrated Brand & Communications. Visit the Shell website and you won’t see promotions for the company’s liquid products. Instead, the issue of climate change […]


US TV Too Fragmented: SpotX’s Buckley

The more that US ad-tech vendors get consolidated in to larger European media owners, the more we hear about the relative simplicity of the European system. Whilst the European market, like the continent itself, is fragmented, its broadcast ecosystem is far less so. Furthermore, initiatives like HbbTV have seen the entire chain of electronics manufacturers […]


Alliance to Help Kickstart German Addressable: RTL’s Nölke

Advanced and addressable TV advertising capabilities give programmers and advertisers super-powers  – but, in some markets, local conditions mean the starting gun has barely been fired. Case in point – Germany, where many kinds of modern ad practice are curtailed by regulation in a country long sensitive to privacy concerns. That is something acknowledged by […]


RTL’s Adconnect Goes ‘Glocal’ To Power Ads: Coruble

Two of the major dynamics in modern media right now see media owners come together cooperatively and many of them restructuring their businesses to cater to larger, global brands. Luxembourg-based pan-European RTL Group is living out both of those trends. Its Adconnect unit is an ad sales arm for RTL-owned broadcasters and shows made by […]