Digital Ad Metrics Have Hit ‘All-Time Low’: OpenSlate’s Lynda Clarizio

Marketers face a variety of challenges in measuring the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns amid rapid changes in technology, public policy and consumer habits. Overcoming these hurdles requires an industrywide effort among advertisers, media owners and ad-tech companies. The state of digital ad measurement “is at an all-time low,” Lynda Clarizio, an adviser and member […]


OpenSlate Sells to DoubleVerify for $150 Million, My Chat with Mike Henry, CEO

Late yesterday, DoubleVerify announced the purchase of OpenSlate for $150 million in cash and stock.  In September, we spoke with OpenSlate founder and CEO Mike Henry about the company.  We have republished this interview with the news. The media marketplace has become more fragmented with the proliferation of streaming video and social media platforms, giving […]


Contextual Ad Growth Foreshadows Cookie Deprecation: OpenSlate’s Andrea Ching

Marketers in the past few years have become more aware of how their advertisements can show up in places they didn’t expect, such as next to digital content that’s objectionable or offensive. They also face challenges in reaching target audiences as technology companies like Google and Apple give people more ways to protect their online […]


AI Improves Contextual Targeting for Brands: UM Worldwide’s Joshua Lowcock

Technology companies including Apple and Google are giving people more ways to protect their online privacy, limiting the availability of consumer data that help advertisers reach target audiences. Contextual ad placements within quality content are making a comeback. “Contextual advertising feels a lot like ‘back to the future’ in the sense that we have been […]


Data Signals Validate Contextual Ad Targeting: PHD’s Joshua Palau

Contextual targeting of advertising is regaining some of its past glory as marketers seek to reach target audiences while also respecting consumer privacy and weighing brand safety. Technology companies are giving people more ways to be more anonymous online, challenging advertisers to find data signals that are meaningful to driving business outcomes. Tracking cookies have […]


Personalized Video Provides Context For Ad Targeting: TikTok’s Sandie Hawkins

Audience-based ad targeting has become more challenging as privacy laws give consumers greater control over their personal data, and tech companies give them more ways to avoid online tracking. As advertisers emphasize measurable business outcomes from their campaigns, they’re putting more weight into contextual targeting and integrating their brands with content. That’s especially true with […]