‘Gamers Are at Forefront of Evolving Media Landscape’: Samsung Ads’ Nick Barrionuevo

Video games have become a key source of entertainment for millions of people who have been stuck indoors during the pandemic. That shift created opportunities to reach consumers who are elusive to other kinds of televised advertising, especially younger viewers. “The pandemic threw a curve ball at everyone last year, and brands really had to […]


Burgers Beyond Broadcast: How McDonald’s Agency Uses CTV For QSR

TORONTO – If you had told Richard and Maurice McDonald, the founders of McDonald’s in the 1940s, that, one day, they would get to use fine-grain customer data to electronically target fans of particular meals in the palm of their hands, they might have looked at you crazy. But, in 2021, that is exactly what […]


Viewers Seek Instant Gratification from Digital TV: UM Worldwide’s Katey Gault

TORONTO – Television viewing habits have grown to resemble the consumption of digital media as video-on-demand platforms become more popular. Consumer demand for instant gratification in their viewing experience is changing their tolerance for structured commercial breaks. “We’re quickly recognizing that that is not how consumers want to consume content in a digital environment where […]


Samsung TV Plus Doubles the Number of Active Users in 12 Months, Adds New Programming

LOS ANGELES – Samsung has quietly engineered itself a position as the number-two ad-supported connected TV service on its own TV sets – by mixing a sprinkle of traditional TV norms with a fresh digital approach. Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming TV service, launched in 2018 and now numbers 160+ channels in the US. […]


The New OTT: How Carat’s Bowhay Helps Jack In The Box Flip The Script

How do you sell take-out when no-one’s going out? In the new world of over-the-top (OTT) TV advertising, Brooke Bowhay is navigating the pandemic by looking beyond fragmentation, leaning on mobile and leveraging delivery. Bowhay is director of planning and activation for ad agency Carat, which won the Jack In The Box account in 2017. […]


Data-Driven Strategy Drives Results for Marketers: MediaHub’s Elizabeth Daly

Advertisers are harnessing first-party data from consumers to improve their media planning and buying strategies. A data-driven strategy can help marketers to reach goals in driving incremental traffic, acquiring new customers or competitive conquesting. “When we utilize those data-driven tactics, it’s given us a much better understanding of the lower-funnel effect that our No. 1 […]


Measurement Is Key Challenge for Advanced TV Advertising: Merkle’s Andy Fisher

Advanced TV technology continues to evolve as advertisers seek improved ad targeting to reach the growing number of households that are connecting their TVs directly to the internet. Measuring that audience is a priority for media buyers like Andy Fisher, head of Merkury Advanced TV at marketing agency Merkle. In this interview with Beet.TV, Fisher […]


CTV Offers More Data Insights for Marketers: Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady

Millions of U.S. households are hooking up their TVs directly to the internet, opening a pathway for advertisers to reach them through the growing number of video streaming services. As consumers split their viewing time among those digital channels and more traditional linear TV, marketers are adapting their media strategies to reach them. Cadillac, the […]