“AI is Going to be the Single Biggest Disruptor and Enabler of Marketing,” Mastercard’s Rajamannar

For one man, the turning of a year also represents the dawning of a new age. Raja Rajamannar, in his new book, Quantum Marketing: Mastering the New Marketing Mindset for Tomorrow’s Consumers, says the industry is emerging into what he calls “the fifth paradigm” of marketing. Rajamannar is Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard […]


History Creates Context: Magnite’s Kershaw On Life After Identifiers

The withering of the third-party cookies and mobile identifiers that have made up much of traditional digital ad targeting is up-ending the business of marketers reaching audiences. As those methods wane, many ad planners are contemplating the switch from targeting users to targeting the content they read or watch – commonly called “contextual” targeting. But, whilst “context” […]


AI Promises to Boost Programmatic Efficiencies: PubMatic’s Andrew Baron

The advertising marketplace has found multiple applications for artificial intelligence (AI) technology that handles more advanced problem-solving at higher speeds. Those uses include several parts of programmatic marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of advertising in automated auctions. “Each of these will drive some sort of revenue lift yield, from the perspective of publishers,” […]


AI Needs Ethics: Xaxis’ Wilensky On Machines Learning From Humans

All machine learning is essentially algorithms trained by humans to spot patterns in data. But humans, too, have to learn how to make the right calls when it comes to training those algorithms. In this video interview with Beet.TV, GiLa Wilensky, president of US at Xaxis, says “ethical AI” is essential. AI’s spectrum of benefits […]


First-Party Data, AI Technology Will Sharpen Programmatic Ad Targeting: OMD’s George Manas

Next year will bring more innovation in audience targeting, as artificial intelligence (AI) technology combined with first-party consumer data support programmatic buying among a wider variety of media channels. Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning will make the technologies a more central part of reaching consumers among devices including smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. […]


Creative Planning Is AI’s ‘Next Frontier’: IAB Tech Lab’s Richardson

What if the acronym “AI” really stood for “Advertising Intelligence”? That’s the kind of question Orchid Richardson is asking at IAB Tech Lab. As VP & MD, Programmatic & Data Center, at the industry body’s research unit, Richardson is leading an exploratory exercise to codify standards for the application of artificial intelligence in advertising. On […]


AI Can Do Heavy Lifting To Clean Up Ad Supply Chain: MediaMath’s Archibald

It was technology that caused the digital ad supply chain to become cluttered and ineffective – so can technology put it right again? In the battle to straighten-out the digital ad ecosystem, artificial intelligence is being leveraged to do the volume of work that humans cannot. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Charlie Archibald, VP, Data […]