Ken Auletta’s ‘Frenemies’ Book Chronicles Anxiety And Disruption In The Ad World

When The New Yorker writer Ken Auletta decided to take a hard look at companies that are dependent upon advertising, he came away seeing “frenemies” everywhere—all of them facing “existential assault.” The resulting book, being released today after three years of research, is titled Frenemies: The Epic Disruption of the Ad Business (and Everything Else). […]


Acxiom CEO: “GDPR is Just the First Step in the Journey”

Its share price is still rebuilding after being battered by Facebook’s decision to cut ties in March, but Acxiom is trying to see profound ad industry challenges as opportunities. Acxiom is a data warehouse firm that sells consumer profiles to the world’s largest companies, available to advertisers and ad-tech platforms for advanced customer targeting. In one […]


DoubleVerify CEO Gatinella On The Growth Of Brand Safety Measurement

As more brands buying ads programmatically have found their ads appearing against unappealing and unintended content, the problem has given rise to yet more technology solutions. Ad measurement firms like Moat, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify now offer products rating the quality of the environments in which brands’ ads are served. For Wayne Gatinella, CEO […]


Brands Moving Money In Response To Trust Crisis: eMarketer’s Ramsey

The last year has seen a perfect storm hit the marketing industry – brand safety concerns, agency strife, GDPR and Facebook’s data scandal. In response, the industry is seeing a big movement of money, from platforms now deemed undesirable, to alternative channels brands find more appealing. So says Geoff Ramsey, chairman of marketing analysis company […]


Kawaja Fears Knee-Jerk Politicians Will Turn Back Clock On Ad Targeting

There can barely have been a moment in time so filled with anxiety over digital advertising techniques as 2018. In the last few years since the advent of “programmatic”, many ad buyers have become used to using customer data from a variety of sources to piece together profiles that can target audiences through networks, wherever […]


GDPR Will Force Publishers & Platforms To Abandon Europe: Forrester’s Khatibloo

Over the last few weeks, many consumers have been receiving a deluge of emails from data handlers, controllers and processors seeking to re-obtain consent for communication under Europe’s new GDPR. But could the complexity of the issue force some of the operators to simple stop doing business with Europeans altogether? That is what one analyst […]


NBCU’s iSpot Deal Uses ACR To Prove TV Ad Value: Muller

If only broadcast owners really knew what ads viewers were watching, maybe then they could prove the value of their advertising to brands. But that prospect is no longer just a possibility, it is a reality, and NBCUniversal just became one of the latest to undertake the practice. It inked a deal with, a […] Lands Investment from Liberty, Plans Global Expansion

When you just took $7.5mn from one of the world’s leading pay-TV operators, you can afford to be bullish. In this video interview with Beet.TV, a founder whose company helps deliver one of the new-wave methods of measuring TV audiences says one of those in the crop of techniques is “over-hyped”. Samba TV CEO Ashin […]


Sir Martin Sorrell Ponders Government Intervention in Tech Giant “Monopolies’

Amazon is a  “monopoly.”   But whether it, and the other four U.S. tech giants (Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple) and the two Chinese (Alibaba and Tencent), will continue to grow depends on government regulation, says Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder of WPP. While not predicting imminent government intervention, he notes that these companies are increasingly in […]