Advance Local’s Sutton Sees Bid Demand for Digital Advertising in Politics

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Having established its data management platform about five years ago, hyper local media and marketing specialist Advance Local is seeing huge demand for delivering political messages to specific audiences ranging from Staten Island, NY, to Oregon. These messages are delivered via the company’s portfolio of websites, newspapers, niche publications and mobile apps, according to Jeff Sutton, […]


Without Household-Level Data, ‘Average’ Frequency For Political Campaigns Can Be Scary: comScore’s Davidsen

WASHINGTON, D.C.-To get a sense of how the marriage of comScore and Rentrak has impacted political advertising, consider that in the 2012 election cycle six percent of the households the Obama campaign was targeting were exposed to 60 ads each week. But the campaign’s “average” exposure was 12 ads weekly. “Average is a great number […]


OpenX’s Van Ullen: Political Advertising Nascent In Private Marketplaces But Interest Is Keen

WASHINGTON, D.C.-One of Julie Van Ullen’s roles at OpenX is that of an educator when it comes to the political advertising space, particularly with regard to programmatic ad buys in private marketplaces. That’s because the political vertical “is probably more nascent” than others. “I think there’s probably a bit of a lag there,” Van Ullen […]


Requidan Of Intermarkets: Healthy Double-Digit Private Marketplace CPM’s For Political Ads

WASHINGTON, D.C.-To make sure its programmatic prowess was up to the task, Intermarkets, whose publishing portfolio includes The Drudge Report and The Political Insider, started “a lot of the hard work for 2016 at the end of 2014,” according to VP of Sales & Programmatic Strategy Erik Requidan. Since then, Intermarkets has executed lots of […]

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