CTV Drives Reach, Results for Brands: Execs from Pixability, Essence, Saucony

The growing audience for connected TV (CTV) programming is creating more opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers, especially younger people who have been early adopters of the latest video technologies. However, advertisers also face challenges in viewing activity. CTV Has Room For Improvement in Ad Pods Mike Baker, investor and strategic advisor Differences in the […]


From Defense To Offense: Pixability’s Duffy Flips CTV Suitability On Its Head

When TV viewing and advertising begins to look and function like digital advertising, how safe is the environment for brands to be in? Brand safety concerns once plagued digital display and online video inventory. They have been somewhat soothed by brand safety software. But, as conected TV rises, some of the same concerns are arriving […]


YouTube In Context: Essence’s Fisher Heeds Platform’s Growth

YouTube is now the most-watched living-room digital video platform in the US after Netflix, according to Nielsen. So why aren’t advertisers taking it more seriously when it comes to developing a connected TV advertising plan? In this video interview with Beet.TV, media agency Essence’s Mike Fisher explains the value of YouTube. Shifting viewing “Within the […]


CTV Advertising Helps to Drive Purchase Intent: Saucony’s Grace Smith

BOSTON – Marketers seeking to reach a mass audience often describe connected TV (CTV) as a way to reach an incremental group of consumers who don’t want watch traditional linear TV. However, CTV provides advantages for brands that seek more targeted audiences and want to tell a more complete brand story. For Saucony, the sportswear […]


Of Pods & Context: Mike Baker On CTV’s Opportunities For Improvement

The emerging world of connected TV (CTV) advertising often seems to create as many challenges as it does opportunities. Case in point – the ability to target ads in CTV also creates new management tasks around the traditional TV ad “pod”. That is according to one seasoned video ad-tech exec. In this video interview with […]


The Troika Of Intent: Norman Says New Ad Signals Are Here

Cookies may be going away, mobile identifiers may have new controls – but one ad industry veteran says alternative targeting signals are available in the emerging TV and video world. With digital advertising’s traditional signals being reduced in usefulness, many in the industry have looked toward contextual targeting as an alternative. But, in this video […]


‘CTV Has Become Dominant Way for People to Consume Content’: Pixability’s David George

Media spending is bouncing back, though advertisers are shifting their budgets to digital platforms like connected TV (CTV) that have seen strong viewership growth in the past year. The pandemic led to record cancellations of pay-TV services, cementing a longer-term trend away from traditional linear TV. “The shift from linear to digital is happening, and […]


YouTube’s Evolution To A Media Monster: Tony Weisman

Once upon a time, it was derided as the platform for skateboarding dog videos. But now YouTube is the number-two streaming media platform on TVs and amongst the largest beneficiaries of connected TV advertising spend. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Pixability advisor and former Dunkin’ CMO Tony Weisman charts YouTube’s rise – and why […]


Don’t Underestimate YouTube’s CTV Strength: Pixability’s Jackie Paulino

Millions of consumers whose first experience of digital video was on a desktop computer are carrying over those viewing habits to connected TVs. That means YouTube, the video-sharing site owned by Google, has a strong presence on the biggest screen in most households. “As we anticipated, more eyeballs have shifted to TV screens watching YouTube,” […]